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When is the best time to make belly rolls

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When is the best time to make belly rolls

   abdominal curling has a good Weight loss effect, but it is better to exercise at the right time. Let’s see when is the best time to do abdominal curling? Can you make belly rolls in the morning? What are the most effective ways to lose weight?

   Abdominal curling exercise is usually best done between 16:00 and 19:00, but you can adjust it according to your own work and rest habits.

The correct practice of abdominal crunching is shown in the figure, because during this time period, the human body’s physical fitness is at its peak, at the peak of metabolism, exercise capacity is also at the peak, heartbeat frequency and blood pressure also rise, muscle speed, endurance and strength are in This time period is also in the best state. During this time period, the effect of abdominal crunching exercise will be more effective, and it can also reduce sports injuries, the intensity can be higher, and the muscle growth effect can be better.

   Can I make a belly roll in the morning

   It is not suitable to do abdominal exercises in the morning.

Don’t do abdominal crunching in the morning, especially when you just wake up. At that time, your body functions are not active, which is not conducive to the decomposition and transfer of metabolites. It may also cause sudden death for people with poor heart, and it is easy to lose weight when you just wake up. Blood sugar can cause dizziness and even fainting.

  The most effective way to thin abdomen

  一: Drink plenty of water every day and refuse carbonated drinks

   MMs who want to lose weight should stop drinking carbonated drinks and those high-sugar drinks this summer, they will only make your abdomen bulge like a ball! The correct way is to supplement white water or water with cellulose added before meals daily, which can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and strengthen the body's metabolic capacity. At the same time, drinking water before meals can reduce hunger, thereby reducing food intake.

   2: Keep shaking the hula hoop for half an hour every day

   Shaking the hula hoop is a simple and convenient indoor fitness exercise. It has a good effect on reducing the fat on the abdomen and is deeply loved by many MMs. It should be noted that only when the exercise reaches the stage of aerobic exercise, can the body's stored fat and excessive calories be consumed. Therefore, the exercise time must be maintained at more than half an hour each time, and must not be perfunctory for self-comfort!

  3: Drink more milk and soy milk

   When it comes to Weight loss, the most common vocabulary in many MM's minds is dieting, right? It is a common practice for many MMs to reject high-protein foods, and even often skip breakfast; in fact, the fat on the waist and abdomen is very fond of girls who do not like to supplement protein, because the proteolysis will get amino acids and enzymes, and fat catabolism is separated Do not open amino acids and enzymes. So add a glass of milk or soy milk at breakfast!

  4: Abdominal breathing and waist thinning

  Abdominal breathing is a method of thin waist that can be performed standing, standing, sitting, and lying down. This simple method of thin waist not only stimulates gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also accelerates the burning of abdominal fat. The specific method is to inhale slowly through your nose, and when your abdomen is full, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Persevere, you will eventually discover the magical effect of this method to strengthen the body and prolong life!

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