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Exercise method to lose weight quickly

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In life, many people have a lot of meat on their stomachs. It looks very unsightly. So how can you reduce your stomach? What are the ways to reduce your stomach? Today, I will introduce you to the method of reducing your stomach! Now everyone will follow me Let's take a look!

How to reduce belly

1. Standing stretch

First, lift up your heels and leave your heels as far away from the ground as possible to stretch your body upwards. At the same time, tighten your abdomen forcefully to maintain the movement, and relax after 10 seconds. You should feel a tightness on the waist during stretching.

2. Half Moon

Raise your left hand on your hips, raise your right hand along the wall, take a breath, and exhale deeply, stretch your body to the left at the same time, stretch your body to the left, maintain the movement and relax after 10 seconds; repeat on the other side.

3. Forward bend right angle

First put the body gently against the wall, lift the left foot, hold the foot with both hands, open the left hand and stick to the wall for support, and pull the foot to the right with the right hand, pull the foot as close to the wall as possible, maintain the movement and slow down for a few 10 seconds. Relax; repeat on the other side.
4. Twist the waist

First lean sideways, open the hand near the wall, and then take a deep breath, try to put the shoulder against the wall against the wall as much as possible, and pull the other shoulder back, maintain the movement and relax after a few 10 seconds; Then repeat on the other side. Be careful not to force your shoulders against the wall to avoid strain.

You can first measure the approximate position of your hands.

5. Twist and kiss the wall

Before starting, stand a little far away from the wall, spread your hands out, and then raise to shoulder height, twist your waist back, press your palms against the wall, and be careful to twist your pelvis back to the front as much as possible. Maintain the movement and relax for a few 10 seconds; then repeat on the other side. If the muscles and bones are too tight, it takes a little effort to twist the hips back to the front, but don't use rapid brute force, take your breath slowly, come on!


Stand with your legs apart first, and the distance should be wider than your shoulders, which is a triangle. Lean your back against the wall for support. First, twist the left foot 90 degrees to the left and the right foot 45 degrees to the left. At this time, the buttocks are easy to follow the twist. Pay attention to the right buttocks against the wall. Find your balance, then raise your right hand along the wall, take a breath, and slowly bend to the left when exhaling slowly, and aim for the left hand to touch the instep. Maintain the movement and relax after a few 10 seconds; repeat on the other side.
Remember that the hand grasps the foot lightly from the inside, if it is from the outside, the disc will spin lightly.

7. Dancer style

Stand sideways, put your hands near the wall horizontally, press the wall as a support, and bring your body closer to the wall lightly. Bend the outer foot, hold the inner sole of the foot with your hand, raise your foot, keep your upper body as straight as possible, and keep your foot awkwardly facing or touching the wall, maintain the movement and relax for a few 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side. Although the action seems difficult, it is much easier to do it against the wall, and the height of the legs is adjusted according to your ability, and you can feel the pull of the front abdomen, inner legs and side waist.

Ways to lose weight

Practicing posture one

Keep lying on your back, with your feet shoulder-width apart, first lift your right foot up 10cm, hook your toes inward and pause for a second, then gently put it down, making sure that your heels cannot lean against the bed. When finished, change the left foot and repeat the same action. Repeat a set of actions 5 times.

Effect: Not only can effectively reduce the falling flesh on both sides of the belly, but also tighten the legs and make the lower body slimmer.
Practicing posture two

Raise your right foot to the upper left as much as possible, pause in the air for one second before putting it down, and then change your left foot when you are done. Pay attention to the knees not to exert force to achieve the expected stovepipe effect, and don't try too hard to avoid straining the leg muscles. Repeat this set of actions 5-7 times.

Effect: It can tighten the abdomen and leg muscles.

Practicing posture three ways to lose weight

Keep lying on your back, hold your knees tightly with your hands, stretch your thighs toward your abdomen, raise your upper body and lie down gently. Repeat this action 5-10 times.

Effect: It can effectively strengthen the strength of the chest and waist, and shrink the waist.

The method of thin stomach practice posture four

Keep lying on your back with your legs open and shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms at a right angle of 90 degrees and stick to the ground, palms facing upwards. Bend your left knee and straighten your upper body so that your right elbow can touch the left knee. Change the right leg and repeat the same movement as a set.

Repeat 2-3 groups, 10 times in each group.

Effect: Enhance abdominal strength and tighten thigh muscles.

Practicing posture five ways to lose weight

Keep lying on your back with your legs open and shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells with both hands and lift them up to the top of your chest. Keep your knees straight and not bend. Then adjust your breathing and slowly twist your upper body to the left and right. Left and right 10 times each as a group, repeat 2-3 groups.

Effect: Stretch the muscles on both sides of the abdomen to improve abdominal relaxation.

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