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18 daily ways to lose weight

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Weight loss, for those female friends who are pursuing beauty, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are their lifetime careers. However, if you blindly rely on diet and exercise blindly without a purpose, but ignore the small details of daily life, it will be difficult to achieve the effect of Weight loss. Today, the editor reveals 18 causes of obesity for you, re-examine yourself, and let common sense of daily weight loss help you!

1. Avoid doing the same kind of training for a long time at a certain speed

Relaxed and orderly aerobic exercise training can gain more energy in the body and consume more calories in an instant. After 2 weeks of aerobic exercise, exercise at full speed for 20 to 30 seconds and then rest for 4 minutes as a group of exercise. Perform 4 to 6 groups of exercise every day; gnash your teeth and keep exercising for 90 to 120 minutes at the same speed The number of calories consumed is the same. Moreover, the former only takes 6-9 minutes of exercise time, while the latter takes 5 hours. Which is better or worse, MMs, what do you think?

2. Don't say "don't", but say "can't do it"

"Can't do it" means a categorical rejection, you destroy your morale, and you are unwilling to do this thing from the bottom of your heart. Although "don't" also shows that you don't want to do it, but at least as long as you cheer yourself up a little, you can stick to the weight loss thing to the end.

3. Look in the mirror more

If possible, eat while looking in the mirror, which can greatly reduce your food intake and calorie intake.

4. Breakfast on time

MM who likes to sleep in bed, in order to be in a hurry, breakfast will be perfunctory with canned juice or a cup of cappuccino. Although the sugar contained in these drinks can temporarily satisfy your hungry large intestine, ingesting sugar early in the morning will instantly kill your blood sugar. The pancreas secretes insulin and the sugar is transferred throughout your body, making your body original The fat cannot be burned to provide energy for the operation of the body, and the newly ingested sugar will quickly be converted into fat and stored in your body. Therefore, the editor suggests that replacing fruit juice and coffee with protein-rich steamed eggs can provide you with a feeling of fullness and inhibit the movement of auxins that promote appetite.

5. Do not add condensed milk and other high-sugar seasonings to black tea

Like drinking tea, it should be a good thing. Because low-calorie black tea can reduce your fat absorption and lower cholesterol. But condensed milk has a neutralizing effect on this effect, not only completely abolishing the "gong power" of black tea, the high-protein, high-calorie condensed milk will also be converted into terrible fat in your body.

6. Appropriately reduce the intake of rice and bread

Rice and bread are the most typical foods in carbohydrates. Compared with other foods rich in protein, bread and rice can be absorbed more quickly. When you consume too much, your blood sugar level will soar, and the sugar in your blood will increase. Is converted into fat, causing you to gain weight. Therefore, the editor recommends that everyone try to reduce the intake of rice and bread, it is best to choose brown rice and whole wheat bread.

7. Read the labels on the food carefully

According to statistics, people who read the labels attached to food are less likely to gain weight than those who do not. Because by reading the label, you have a comprehensive understanding of the food you want to ingest, and subconsciously, you can weigh the amount that you can eat.

8. Don't drink fruit juice drinks often

Juice contains excessive amounts of white sugar, even other sweet beverages, far more sugar intake than solid food, so pay attention to it as well. However, you can squeeze the juice by yourself without adding any sugar, which can effectively control calories and obtain the slimming effect of the fruit.

9, the taste should be light

Excessive intake of salt and sugar can easily lead to excess fat. So do good things and use alternative seasonings. For example, pepper that can eliminate calories, and pepper that can reduce the feeling of fasting.

10. Slow down eating

The longer the food stays in our mouth, the more digestive juice can be secreted. Moreover, slow down the speed of eating, increase the frequency of chewing, can increase your feeling of fullness, but also thin waist and abdomen.

11. Avoid eating in the office

Especially for women in the workplace, dining with a colleague consumes 30% more calories than if you concentrate on dining alone. Moreover, female friends in the workplace are under great work pressure, and most MMs will unconsciously stretch their hands to the snack area.

12. Communicate more with others

Increase your social activities, enrich your life experience, and bring more sunshine to your life. In the process of interacting with others, you can also consume your calories. This should be considered an alternative to lose weight.

13. Don't watch TV while eating

Do you have the same experience? When watching TV, you can quickly wipe out a bag of biscuits and French fries. This is because when you are watching TV, the whole brain is guided by the TV plot, and eating snacks is simply an unconscious action.

14. Relieve stress in time

When you are under stress, it will enlarge your fat cells and induce the release of cortisol. Especially the waist is more likely to accumulate more fat, so be sure to release the pressure in time.

15. Don't listen to music while eating

Put a few pieces of music during the meal, the whole meal will be more romantic. But it will also make you fat. Especially with fast-paced pop music, you will unconsciously keep up with the rhythm of the music, speed up your meal, and the food intake will increase a lot.

16, partner training

It’s easy to give up on muscle training alone. But if you train with most people, your brain will release happy substances. In this way, even the hardest training, you will easily complete it. Moreover, training with others can prevent yourself from being lazy and carry the road to weight loss to the end.

17. Don't eat violently after exercise

When exercising, it consumes a lot of energy and makes people feel hungry. So many people will eagerly want to eat as soon as they stop. However, after exercise, lipase exercise is the most active time. If you eat too much food at this time, not only will your previous efforts to lose weight be wiped out, but you will also quickly gain more fat. Therefore, exercise only needs to supplement some protein appropriately, don't eat too much.

18. Get enough sleep

Sufficient sleep time (at least 7 hours, 9 hours is ideal), coupled with high-quality sleep quality, can inhibit the obesity genes that dominate weight gain.

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