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You can lose at least ten catties a month after eating

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When it comes to Weight loss, "daily diet management" and "regular exercise" are necessary, but it is quite difficult to practice well in busy days. This time, I will introduce a method to lose weight without exercising, and you can lose at least ten catties a month.

Many women like to focus on losing weight when they lose weight, but in fact, Healthy weight loss is the key point to keep a good figure longer. This weight loss method is for all people who want to be healthy and slim for a long time. As long as you persist in it, you can gain a lot.

The first stage of weight loss: do not take carbohydrates and fat (stick to two weeks)

Limit the intake of carbohydrates and fats as much as possible in the first two weeks of weight loss. The daily diet is mainly based on lean meats and vegetables rich in protein.

Inedible carbohydrates and fats refer to: cereals, potatoes, foods made from refined sugar, butter, fats, etc.

Recommended foods rich in protein are: fish, soybeans, beef, chicken, etc.

By limiting these, blood sugar and insulin levels can be lowered, helping to build a body that does not depend on sugar. Helps increase fat burning rate.

The second stage of weight loss: Relieve carbohydrates and fats that are good for the body (persist in two weeks)

After half a month of restricting sugar and fat to lose weight, start to lift the ban on carbohydrates and fats. On the basis of ensuring adequate protein and vegetable intake, increase healthy carbohydrates and high-quality oils.

Although you can take in carbohydrates and fats, you can't eat it presumptuously. Carbohydrates can only be brown carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole wheat bread, not white foods such as white rice.

Fat should also choose high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, such as fish, olive oil and so on.

In the first two weeks of weight loss, because of the restricted intake of carbohydrates, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Please stop losing weight if you experience any discomfort. In addition, after a month of weight loss, do not resume a large amount of diet immediately, but gradually resume the diet to prevent weight loss.

According to the above method to lose weight for a week, you can lose at least ten catties. In addition, in addition to being thinner, this method can also promote the formation of a lean body.

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