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How to make the abdomen force

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How to make the abdomen force

   Abdominal curling is an exercise aimed at waist and abdomen exercise. The correct abdominal curling exercise should use the strength of the abdomen. Let’s take a look at how the abdominal curling makes the abdomen stronger? How to avoid neck strain?

   The abdomen curling needs to force the abdomen, and you can adjust your posture. The back is pressed against the ground, so the effect is better.

   The correct way to do abdominal curling is illustrated. The correct force for abdominal curling should be to force the abdomen, so that the effect of abdominal muscle training can be truly achieved. It is recommended that you put your feet on the stool, approximately 90 degrees between the upper and lower legs, and 90 degrees between the thighs and the ground, and then tighten the abdomen so that the lower back is close to the ground. This will exert more force and be more correct.

  Also, it is best to learn abdominal breathing. In anaerobic exercise, the exhale force is used to tighten the abdominal muscles, and the action is completed in accordance with the breathing rhythm.

   The correct breathing method when you roll your belly: exhale when you get up, and exhale when you squeeze into the chest cavity, and inhale on the contrary. Then lay flat and breathe, and then breathe in when lying down.

  How to avoid neck strain

   abdominal curling with equipment

   If you want to avoid the use of neck force during the abdominal curling process, it is recommended to use the instrument for abdominal curling. You can rely on the hands to pull the instrument forward to borrow force. It is very suitable for beginners to curl up. The specific methods are as follows:

   1. Bend the knees, step on the equipment with both feet, and hold the armrests with both hands.

  2. Tighten the abdomen forcefully, and drive the upper body to lift, so that the elbows are as close to the knees as possible.

  Pinch a ball in the chin

   If you want to reduce the strength of your neck when you roll your belly, you can clamp a ball between your chin and neck so that you can't bend and stretch your neck and avoid exerting strength.

   put your hands to your ears

   In many cases, the reason why the neck exerts force when doing curls is because you hug your head and unconsciously exert force during the action. Therefore, it is best to put your hands near your ears or cross your chest when doing curls.

  Using towels

You don’t need to raise your body height when you roll your belly. Just leave your shoulder blades, that is, your upper back, off the ground. Fix your neck. You can try to make a fist with one hand and place it in front of your neck to feel whether your neck is up. Do an auxiliary roll to feel your abdomen. Use the right force.

   In addition, you can put a towel under your head, grab the sides of the towel, help your body up when you get up, keep your eyes on the ceiling, so as to prevent the neck from exerting force and bending.

   enhance the strength of the lower back

The reason why many people use the strength of the neck to help with curling is because the strength of the lower back is not enough to complete the action. Therefore, if you want to avoid the strength of the neck, you should also increase the strength of the lower back, such as doing planks and lying on both sides. Lift, parallel bar arm flexion and extension, etc.

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