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Special diet for weight loss, you will lose 10 jin in one week

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Girls, Xiaomei has created a one-week Weight loss recipe for you. You can determine what you eat every day. If you want to be thin, eat it for a few weeks. Of course, you can’t just eat it, so even if you only drink two glasses of cold water a day. I can't lose weight.

Monday: Red Cabbage + Cucumber and Apple Juice

Ingredients: purple cabbage (appropriate amount)

Seasoning: sugar (appropriate amount), refined salt (appropriate amount), white vinegar (appropriate amount)

Method: Peel off the old skin of purple cabbage, shred it, put it in a clean container, sprinkle a little salt, mix well and marinate for 10 minutes. Take a clean small bowl, pour a tablespoon of white vinegar, sprinkle in sugar and stir to form a sweet and sour soup. Control the water of the pickled purple cabbage, add it to the sweet and sour soup, and mix well. If you like the spiciness, you can add a spoon of chili oil, and the spicy, sour and sweet taste will come out after mixing.

Tips: The cabbage is pickled with salt for a period of time, but it is crispy and not gentle.

Ingredients: apple (1), cucumber (2), water (appropriate amount)

Method: Prepare apples and cucumbers and cut into small cubes. Install a filter in the wall breaker or juicer, add cucumbers and apples, add a bowl of warm water, turn on the switch, and wait for 30 seconds.

Tuesday: Banana stewed egg + dragon fruit yogurt cup

Ingredients: banana (1), egg (1), water (appropriate amount)


1. Cut the banana into 1/4 sections, cut 3/4 sections into small pieces and put them in a mixing container.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water and use a blender to make a thinner mashed banana.

3. Knock the eggs into a bowl and beat them up.

4. Slowly pour the mashed banana into the egg liquid and stir evenly with chopsticks.

5. Then use a spoon to skim off some scum.

6. In a pot with cold water, steam over high heat and turn to low heat for about 10 minutes.

7. Cut the remaining 1/4 section of banana into slices and place them in the steamed custard.

Ingredients: fresh milk (800 grams), yogurt fungus (1 packet), purple heart pitaya (half)

Method: scald the inner barrel of the yogurt machine with boiling water, put 800 grams of fresh milk into the barrel, and then pour a small pack of frozen fresh milk bacteria into the milk, stir evenly with a clean spoon, and the hot water in the scalding barrel can be dropped. In the yogurt machine, the milk in the bucket can be heated evenly. Cover the inner and outer lids, turn on the electricity, and start heating. After a few hours, you can get smooth and delicate original yogurt. Cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator. Eat after hours, the nutrition and taste will be better. Pour an appropriate amount of plain yogurt into the cup, add pitaya cubes, and it's ready!

Wednesday: Brown Rice and Coix Seed and Red Bean Soup

Ingredients: brown rice (100g), red bean (100g), coix seed (70g), water (900g)

Method: Soak the barley the night before (soak for at least 2 hours), pour the raw materials into the pressure cooker, add 900 grams of water, cover the lid, and set the lid for 30 minutes. According to your own taste, you can put some brown sugar when you eat, it tastes better!

Thursday: Purple Sweet Potato Oat Milk Soup

Ingredients: purple potato mash (150g), instant oatmeal (100g), milk (700ml)


1. Put the purple potato mash and milk into the milk pot;

2. Heat on a low fire and keep stirring to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot;

3. Stir until the purple sweet potato is completely dissolved in the milk, add instant oatmeal;

4. Continue to stir, heat on a low fire, cook until slightly bubbling, turn off the heat, and serve.

Friday: Papaya Tremella Soup + Oatmeal Cake

Ingredients: dried white fungus (18g), lotus seeds (50g), dried jujube slices (35g), papaya (300g), rock sugar (60g)


1. Soak the white fungus and lotus seeds separately in advance.

2. Peel the papaya and cut into small pieces, remove the soaked white fungus and remove the stalks, then tear the small pieces and add water to the pot.

3. Pour the lotus seeds to a boil and put in rock sugar.

4. Put the papaya and cook on low heat for 20 minutes, add jujube slices and cook on high heat for 10 minutes, then turn on low heat and cook for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Ingredients: oats (120g), mango (180g), milk (150g)

Ingredients: eggs (one), almonds (30 grams), cooked sesame seeds (10 grams), olive oil (appropriate amount)


1. Soak the almonds in water and peel off the skin

2. Peel and core the mango

3. Put the oats, almonds, and cooked sesame seeds into the barrel of the broken wall cooking machine

4. Adjust to the "grinding" position, mix it with a stirring rod and pour it into the container

5. Add the mango pulp to the barrel of the broken wall cooking machine, and beat in an egg

6. Adjust to the "Vegetables and Fruits" stalls and make a fine paste

7. Add the beaten powder and paste together, add milk to make a paste

8. After the electric baking pan is preheated, brush with a layer of olive oil

9. Pour in the oatmeal paste, flatten it with a spatula, adjust to the "big cake" position, and fry for about four minutes

10. Turn over and fry for two or three minutes until cooked

11. The oatmeal cake for detoxification and Weight loss is ready


1. The oats should be crushed into fine powder, and the beating process should be paused. Remove the cooking machine barrel and shake it a few times to make the beating more even;

2. The oatmeal paste can be adjusted to a flowable state, so that it is easy to level when frying;

3. If you can't beat it too delicately, it's best to use cooked oatmeal, otherwise it will not be easy to cook when frying; Fourth, the sesame should be fried in advance on a low fire, the cooked sesame will be more fragrant.

Saturday: Laver + Oatmeal Milk Corn Juice

Ingredients: seaweed (appropriate amount)

Seasoning: red pepper shreds (appropriate amount), ginger shreds (appropriate amount), green onion (appropriate amount), salt (appropriate amount)


1. Add appropriate amount of oil to the pot, add shredded ginger, shredded red pepper, and green onion, and stir up the aroma on medium and small heat.

2. Wash the laver with too slow water to remove the dust. (Just over water, don’t soak, this is a kind of disposable laver, but I am used to rinse it)

3. Put it in the pot and add a little salt.

4. Bring out the pot immediately after boiling. (It can be cooked at medium to low heat, and don’t cook for a long time)

Ingredients: sweet corn (2 roots), milk (500ML), purified water (400ML), oats (30g)

Method: Wash the sweet corn and put it in a pot to cook, peel off the corn kernels after cooling, put it in a wall breaker or juicer, add other materials, and press the grain function key to turn it on.

Sunday: Salmon Sashimi

Ingredients: salmon (appropriate amount), perilla leaves (appropriate amount), oranges (appropriate amount), lemon (appropriate amount), ice cubes (appropriate amount)

Seasoning: fish soy sauce (appropriate amount), mustard paste (appropriate amount)

Method: Put the crushed ice on the plate. I use pure water to freeze the ice, without tin foil or fresh film. Pour clean basil leaves on the ice, and put the sliced ​​fish on it, which can be simply shaped. Use oranges to surround it. Take a small bowl, pour sashimi soy sauce, squeeze with wasabi paste, mix well and serve.

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