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Practice thirty times a day, with hips and thin waist

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Short and fat legs, abdominal fat accumulation and other problems affect the appearance of the body and the public. This time, I will introduce a stretching exercise. I will keep doing it 30 times a day, and within a month I can get the surprising effect of my buttocks and thin legs.

This exercise is mainly about raising the hips and stretching the abdominal muscles.

When the sagging and sagging buttocks become strong and straight, the height of the legs will be extended, which will naturally produce the effect of slimming and adjusting the appearance of the legs. In addition, stretching the abdominal muscles can also increase the fat burning rate of the abdomen, and has a strong slimming and body shaping effect.

In addition, this muscle stretching exercise can stimulate most muscle groups in the legs and abdomen, which is also very helpful for improving body circulation and metabolism. It not only eliminates edema, but also eliminates excess toxins, and at the same time makes the body thinner

Specific requirements for exercise:

1 Lie on your back on the floor mat, with your legs bent and slightly apart, your arms straight to the ceiling, and your eyes aligned with your hands. Push your abdomen, inhale, and prepare.


2 Raise your waist while exhaling until your knees and shoulders are in a straight line. When exercising, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks and maintain this position for 3 to 5 seconds.


3 Inhale slowly while lowering your waist and hips.

4 In a group of 10 times, repeat (1) to (3) 10 times rhythmically

5. Rest for one minute, and then continue to practice in three groups every day (30 times in total)

Exercise points:

It is recommended to exercise at night: this will not only get the corresponding exercise effect, but also relieve stress and fatigue.

3 sets of exercises per day: The number of exercises on Saturday and Sunday can be increased.

Exercise requirements: When exercising, make sure your back is straight and the abdomen cannot be sunken or protruding. During the exercise, you should adjust your breathing to stretch the waist and abdominal muscles as much as possible.

Note: When there is neck and lower back pain during exercise, lower the waist height or rest.

This set of exercises can touch most muscle groups, such as gluteal muscles, rectus abdominis, oblique abdominals, erector spinae, polymuscular muscles and so on. This is very helpful for improving metabolism and shaping the body.

Keep exercising for a month, and you will become slim and beautiful.


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