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The most practical way to lose weight for girls

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The most practical way to lose weight for girls, 6 ways to make you lose weight easily
Weight loss requires a scientific method. The best way to lose weight scientifically is not to over diet, maintain good eating habits, and keep exercising. let us see.

1. Lose weight by bike

Not only can you exercise, but also friendly to the environment. China's environment has been polluted to such an extent, in order to lose weight and protect the environment, it is natural for us to lose weight by cycling. Riding a bicycle to get off work every day is enough. You cannot develop this good habit without being thin.

2. running to lose weight

I believe that everyone can do it. After get off work every day, go to the nearby school playground and run on the playground for about 45 minutes. Jog, don't go too fast, or you will be too tired. Keep the speed at about 170 m/min for 90 days. Generally speaking, you can lose 10 kg. The more important thing is to persevere.

3. Fitness exercise: Each class usually lasts about 1.5 hours, which not only enables exercisers to achieve the ideal Weight loss effect, but also combines various materials such as modern dance, Latin dance, and fighting. Thereby improving the sense of music and coordination during exercise. More importantly, it increases interest, eliminates monotony and boredom, and can be exposed to more forms of exercise in a short period of time.

4. Control the amount of food you eat: In order to lose weight, you don't need to give up your favorite food, it is important to control it. If you like a certain food and eat a lot, you should pay attention to reducing it every time. Eating 200 grams of meat four times a week, 100 grams each time, can save 1,200 kilocalories. Some people suggest that dieters put a scale in the kitchen and put up a warning sign to remind themselves of the weight of the food they eat.

5. Green leafy vegetables replace carbohydrates

Chicken, duck, fish and other carbohydrates usually match rice, noodles and other carbohydrates. Green leafy vegetables can be used to avoid starch substitution. This most effective way to lose weight does not require everyone to reject all carbohydrates, but eating less is more conducive to weight loss. Green leafy vegetables not only make people feel full, they are also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and they sell well with main dishes.

6. Ensure enough sleep

During sleep, people's metabolic rate will be reduced by 10%-15%. Therefore, if you often lie in bed or lie in bed, it is easy to become obese. However, the body also needs sleep to restore energy, especially to give adequate rest to the digestive organs. In addition, the organs of the body will be detoxified between 11: 00 in the evening and 5:00 in the morning. If they do not sleep during this period, it will have a huge impact on their health and weight loss. Make sure you sleep during this time, preferably 8 hours a day.

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