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Weight loss methods for lazy people

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How to lose weight without spending too much time? Let us look at the Weight loss methods suitable for lazy people and teach you how to lose weight easily.

1. Face down, buttocks up

Lie face down on the seat without handles, keeping your legs suspended. When doing the movement, the palm of the hand must be close to the ground, and then raise the legs back and forth. Remember, your knees need to be stretched, and your toes need to be firm.

2. Half squat and leg lift

Squat halfway in front of the chair, with your hands back on the chair, as wide as your hips, remember to point your fingers toward your body. Bend your elbows while lowering your hips to the floor, alternately raising your legs. Note that your feet must be straight, shoulders and ears should be kept a certain distance.

3. Sky bike

Sit on the edge of the sofa, tilt your body back 45 degrees with the strength of your abdomen, straighten your legs off the ground, and put your hands on your chest with your elbows facing outward. Cross your legs and bend toward your body, while swinging your hands from side to side, just like riding a bicycle in the air.


4. Lie on your side, raise your legs

Lie on your side, put your head on your upper arm or support it with your hands, then stretch your feet to your toes, and lift one leg up vigorously, repeating several times before changing to the other leg.

5. Contact between knee and toe

The basic actions are the same as above. Keep your toes straight and bend your knees 45 degrees. Then start taking turns "knee-knee" and "toe-toe". Remember, when you touch your toes, your knees will rise. Repeat several times before switching to the other side.

6. One-sided squat: First stand in front of the sofa and bend your left knee slightly so that your foot can be placed on the sofa. Put your hand on your waist and bend your right foot to stand on the ground. The whole person is close to the ground until your legs are at 90 degrees, then stand up again, and repeat several times before changing sides.

7. After the crab leaves the sofa for a certain distance, place the palm of the hand flat on the ground, and then step on the sofa with the leg, straighten it and move it left and right with hands and feet.

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