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The 3 most important secrets to lose weight

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After losing weight for so long, don’t you still know the little secret that determines the result of Weight loss? As long as the following three secrets can be clarified, the success rate of Weight loss will be greatly improved.

1. lose weight first reduce stomach

The first step in weight loss is to reduce appetite. Once your appetite drops, weight loss becomes natural.

How can I reduce my appetite? This is by no means a sudden diet or extreme dietary restriction. Instead, adjust your daily diet, from overeating to feeling full, and finally feeling seven times full. When the body gradually adapts to a seven-percent full diet, appetite drops to a state of intake-consumption balance, which not only ensures good health, but also improves the body's metabolism, which is helpful for weight loss and weight loss.

2. Prevent "fake fat" and "fake thin"

Weight gain or loss is not really fat or thin. Obesity refers to the proportion of body fat. Whether you become fat or thin depends on changes in fat.

The weight gain after overeating is just fake fat, but the food that was eaten before has not been completely digested. If you encounter a similar situation while losing weight, don't be discouraged. As long as you control your diet and increase your exercise within two days after overeating, you can prevent obesity and restore your body.

Weight plummeted after dieting and weight loss. It's just that the body consumes a lot of water. Don't cheer at this time. On the contrary, you should add water and nutrition in time to ensure a good metabolic environment and adequate nutrient supply, and promote the body's rapid metabolism, thereby accelerating fat burning. Don't be fooled by the illusion of being fat and thin when losing weight. You should look at weight loss from a scientific, healthy and long-term perspective. If you can't get fat in one bite, you can't get thin right away. Only by insisting on losing weight can we truly succeed.

3. Eat too little, instead of losing weight

Eating less can indeed reduce calorie intake, but this is not a way to lose weight. The less you eat, the less likely it is to lose weight.

When eating too little food, the body will consume less nutrition and energy. In order to maintain life, the body will reduce the body's metabolism and circulation speed. Once the body is in a low-metabolic environment for a long time, not only can it not burn fat, but it will also make the body swollen and even get fat easily.

Reduce blind diet when losing weight, not only will you not lose weight, but you will also become bloated and obese.

The above three weight loss secrets hope to help you lose weight. You can avoid detours to lose weight and lose weight quickly.

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