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How to lose weight and what to do if you can't do it

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What should I do if I can't do it

   Abdominal curling is a sport that requires waist and abdomen strength very much, but for many girls, they can't get up after doing abdominal curling at the beginning. Let's take a look at what should I do if they can't do it? The reason why you can't do it.

   The correct way to do abdominal curling is an illustration. If you cannot do abdominal curling, you need to exercise your abdominal muscles frequently to increase your waist and abdomen strength. You can also use tools to do abdominal curling exercises.

   exercise abdominal muscles

   If you can’t get up when you roll your belly, you can first try other exercises to exercise your abdominal muscles, such as plank support, lying on your back, etc., to gradually increase your abdominal muscle strength.

   do simple abdominal crunching exercises

   Standard abdominal curling cannot be done. You can start with simple abdominal curling exercises and gradually exercise your abdominal muscles.

   Grabbing Yoga Mat Method: Lie on your back on the yoga mat, relax your head, grab the corners of the yoga mat with both hands and pull up, drive your upper body up, and help you complete abdominal crunching.

  The reason why you can't do it

   People can’t roll their abdomen. In fact, the main reason is that their abdominal muscles are not strong enough, so they can’t lift their shoulder blades off the ground. Therefore, the most important thing if you can't do a curling is to train your abdominal muscles and improve your abdominal muscle strength.

   Of course, I couldn't do it the first time, because the abdominal muscles were not strong enough, so naturally I couldn't get up. But as long as you can stick to the training regularly, even though you may not do it, that is, put the action in place. However, after about 1-2 months, you will find that you can complete the standard abdominal crunch on your own. Especially obese people will be surprised to find that although their belly may still be fat, they can still do this action.

   the correct way to curl belly icon

  The first step:

   Lying flat on a yoga mat, with knees bent at 90 degrees, hands can be crossed on the chest, or placed on both sides of the temples in a gesture of holding a fist. But you can't squeeze the temples, let alone hold your head with your hands. If you pull your head upwards with your hands during the action, this will cause cervical pain for a long time.

   The second step:

   slowly bend your shoulders and torso upwards, bringing them closer to your knees. Note that you want to bend your back, but don't try to lift the entire back so that it is completely off the ground, just curl up forward and let the chest close to the pelvis.

  third step:

   At the highest point of the movement, extra squeezing is deliberately applied to the abdomen to achieve sufficient contraction. Then relax, lower your shoulders, and return to the starting position. Remember, this is not a quick exercise, you have to do it calmly and under your control each repetition.

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