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Why is dieting to lose weight not thin but fat?

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If ten people lose weight, at least eight people will choose to restrict food and diet. What is the effect of a diet with a high selection rate?

At the beginning of dieting and restricting the diet, the weight dropped very quickly, but after a few days you will find that the weight has not continued to fall, but has a rising trend. Why does diet not only prevent people from losing weight, but also restore weight?

First, no one can stop eating for a long time.

Dieting or diet restrictions usually strictly control the diet. Some people eat nothing but water, others eat nothing but fruit, and so on. All these methods will threaten the health of the body. When the brain feels harm to the body, it will send out a strong desire to eat. At this time, the appetite will get bigger and bigger. Once out of control, it will overeating, and all previous dietary restrictions and Weight loss will be in vain.

In addition, it is not fat but water that is reduced by food restriction.

Maybe you will lose weight during the first two days of dieting. But what is lost is not fat, only water. When the body water becomes less, the circulation speed and metabolism rate will decrease. Not only can it not continue to consume fat, but it may also make the body easy to gain weight. Limiting the loss of water in the diet actually provides conditions for the formation of an obese body in the future.

In addition, diet and dietary restrictions can also hinder the intake of nutrients for the body, thereby reducing the energy required to burn fat.

Only when the body has enough energy can it burn more fat. When the diet is restricted, the body will have insufficient energy due to insufficient nutrient intake. Not only can it not quickly eliminate fat, but it can also slow down the body's blood circulation and metabolism. It not only causes fat accumulation, but also causes edema due to poor circulation, and even increases the risk of disease.

Not only does dieting to lose weight cannot make you thin, it will also make you fatter and form a body that is not easy to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight and become thinner, you really need to reduce the right amount of food intake, but this is by no means an extreme control. Otherwise, you will not succeed and become more obese.

This should be the way to eat when losing weight:

1. Ensure balanced nutrition, eat more vegetables, eat moderate amounts of refined lean meat, and eat less staple food.

2. Don't eat every meal, 80% full is the best diet.

3. Eat three meals on time and don't use high-calorie snacks to satisfy your hunger.

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