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Recommend a set of weight loss methods to adjust basal metabolism

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Dieting is not an effective way to lose weight. Even if you lose weight, you will gain weight. This time, we recommend a set of Weight loss methods to adjust basic metabolism. It is calculated carefully based on the physical condition of each person. Weight loss will be more targeted and the weight loss effect will be stronger.

In the body's metabolism, basic metabolism accounts for 70%, exercise accounts for 20%, and food consumption accounts for 10%.

Basic metabolism is the energy consumption necessary for the body to maintain life. As long as the body has life, basic metabolism must exist.

The recommended method this time is to adjust the body's metabolism to achieve weight loss and weight loss. The principle of weight loss is that the calories consumed are greater than the calories consumed. Therefore, you can lose weight by adjusting your calorie intake while keeping your daily calorie intake constant.

However, the adjustment of calorie intake should not be blind and extreme to prevent damage to health or cause weight loss by half.

The way to adjust metabolism to lose weight is to take in the same calorie intake as the calories required for basic metabolism to ensure the basic metabolism of the body and achieve the effect of weight loss.

List a set of calculation formulas for basic metabolism. You can calculate your basic calories based on your actual situation, and then choose foods based on this calorie. Make sure that the daily calorie intake is equal to the amount of basic metabolism.

Basal metabolism calculation formula:

Girl calculation method:

65.5 (9.6×weight kg) (1.7×height cm)-(4.7×age)

Boy calculation method:

66 (13.7×weight kg) (5.0×height cm)-(6.8×age)

Precautions for adjusting the method of metabolic weight loss:

1. Calculate according to your actual situation.

2. The calculated calories are the basic metabolic rate throughout the day, and food should be eaten in batches.

3. Calorie intake can be slightly lower than the basal metabolism, but the difference should not be too large, so as not to damage the health of the body and affect the metabolic state of the whole body.

4. If you want to get a better weight loss effect, you can increase the amount of exercise.

5. After losing weight for a period of time, we should re-measure changes in weight, etc., and adjust calorie intake in time to ensure more effective weight loss.

This method of weight loss is specially designed, and it is more targeted when losing weight. In addition, supplementing food according to the body's basic metabolism can also prevent malnutrition and metabolic slowdown, which not only guarantees the body's rapid metabolism, but also contributes to the formation of lean body mass.

According to the above method, order a set of weight loss methods for yourself.

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