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10 simple weight loss exercises, 10 yoga exercises for weight loss

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10 simple Weight loss exercises, 10 simple yoga exercises for Weight loss
   These yoga moves are the most basic, and the postures are not difficult, so they are very suitable for beginners to practice. Practicing these movements at ordinary times, coupled with proper diet control, will soon be able to see the effect of weight loss.

   The first action is to sit on the bed, bend the knees, straighten the spine, relax the arms, and take a deep breath. Keep your head clear and take a deep breath.

   The second action is to sit on the bed, straighten your legs, bring your feet together, and grab your toes with your hands. If you find it difficult, you can scratch your ankles, calves, and thighs to the limit you can accept. Then deepen your breath and improve concentration.

   The third action is to kneel on the bed, grab the toes with both hands, knees at the shoulders, then bend down and lie down between the legs, paying attention to adjusting breathing.

   The fourth movement is to sit on the bed cross-legged, with your right hand on your left knee, your left hand behind your back, and your body gently turning to the left. Look at the left shoulder, take a deep breath, and return slowly. Repeat the activity a few times, then twist to the other side.

   The fifth move is to lie down on the bed, bend your knees, face your opponent with the soles of your feet, and place your arms on your sides naturally. If you feel uncomfortable in your legs, you can put a pillow underneath.

   The sixth movement is to lie flat on the bed, with your legs against the wall, relax your body, naturally place your arms on your sides with your palms facing upwards. Breathe gently and stretch.

   The seventh action is to lie flat on the bed, then bend your legs, support your ankles with your arms, and swing your body back and forth to adjust your breathing.

The eighth action is to relax and sit straight, take a deep breath, bend your feet, stretch forward, lie flat on the bed, keep your knees in a straight line, hook your left arm to your left back, stretch your left hand to the back, around your neck, and back your hands. More than seconds. After recovery, perform this operation in the other direction.

   The ninth movement is to lie flat on the bed, bend your legs, keep your upper body still, turn your knees to the left, and your head to the left. After the posture is restored, switch to the other side and do the same movement.

   The tenth movement is to lie flat on the bed, put your arms under your hips, slowly raise your head, and stretch your head back. Keep this position, recover after ten seconds, and then repeat this action twice.

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