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Simple and fast weight loss recipe

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I have to say a simple and fast Weight loss recipe. Enjoy the food while also losing weight quickly

  1, Bailujin porridge

   Bailujin porridge is easy to make. The required ingredients are 10g of rice and millet, 25g of corn, 250g of pumpkin, and appropriate amount of dates and wolfberry. First sell date pits. After boiling water, add millet and rice. After boiling, add cut pumpkin cubes and corn kernels. The pumpkin cubes here are a little bigger. After boiling, add dates and boil over high heat. Put the pumpkin paste into the porridge. , Add wolfberry, cook porridge over low heat


  2, wolfberry corn colorful soup

  The practice of wolfberry corn colorful soup, fresh corn kernels 200g, sweet peas 20g, pineapple 50g, carrot 15g, wolfberry 10g, sugar is set by yourself. Soak the goji berries to soften first, cut carrots and pineapple into cubes, cook clean sweet corn and peas, then cook oatmeal, put goji berries and carrots and cook for 6 minutes, turn off the heat and add sugar and pineapple.

  3, Ginkgo Pork Ribs Congee

   Ginkgo ribs porridge, 100g pork ribs, 30 ginkgo, 30g glutinous rice, 50g rice. After the rice and glutinous rice have been soaked for 15 minutes, put the ginkgo in the fresh-keeping box, use the microwave to high heat for 2 minutes, cut the bones into small pieces, heat it with hot water, and use it after cooling. Put the bones, ginkgo and rice in an electric pressure cooker Cook the rice for 20 minutes. After closing the lid, add some salt, chicken essence and onion

  Goji berry and corn colorful soup, ginkgo pork ribs porridge is simple to make, suitable for friends at home on the weekend. These three simple and quick Weight loss recipes are very helpful for weight loss. In our daily life, we can make these recipes at home to satisfy our appetite and lose weight.

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