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Healthy and fast way to lose weight

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Losing weight is a lifelong career.” Indeed, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to Weight loss and maintaining health, whether for beauty or health. There are many ways to lose weight in life, such as dieting, exercise, etc. But here, I want to remind everyone that for those who are willing to lose weight, do not believe in the so-called weight-loss drugs. The harm it causes to the body is unpredictable. When we lose weight, in addition to the basic "control the mouth and open the legs", in fact We can also try the secret recipe for Weight loss left to us by our ancestors-Chinese medicine acupoint massage weight loss method.

   Meridian theory, as the theoretical basis of Chinese medicine, can not only treat various closed diseases, regulate the body, and use it rationally, but also play a role in beauty and weight loss. According to traditional meridian theory, TCM acupoint massage stimulates acupoints along the movement direction of the body's meridians through massage and massage, thereby coordinating the internal organs, dredging the meridians, strengthening metabolism, burning body fat, and ultimately achieving the goal of weight loss. Studies have found that TCM acupoint massage is not only effective for weight loss, but it can also regulate the body by the way. It is also effective in treating constipation, invigorating the kidney and qi, regulating menstruation, etc. It is currently recognized as the most healthy and effective natural weight loss method.

TCM acupoint massage weight loss method mainly selects specific acupoint areas such as the kidney meridian, liver meridian, bladder meridian, spleen meridian, and Du and Ren channels. In the body, it is reflected in the head, abdomen, legs, soles, arms, etc. . This is because as the age increases, the sex hormones secreted by men and women in the body will decrease, and the decrease in the secretion of these hormones will also slow down the rate of fat metabolism, which makes the body easy to accumulate fat in the abdomen, buttocks, waist and other places . And by massaging the relevant degrees on these meridians, it is beneficial to nourish yin and yang and accelerate blood circulation.

   Is it reliable to massage acupoints to lose weight?
   Our internal organs all correspond to different acupuncture points. If you massage the acupuncture points, you can get a good weight loss effect.

  The main cause of obesity is that the body's metabolism has slowed down, and the body's endocrine disorders may cause waste and energy to accumulate in the body, and then there will be too much fat.

   As long as it can promote the body's metabolic rate, adjust the body's endocrine, and promote the metabolism of toxins in the body, then it can improve the body's obesity. Therefore, acupuncture massage is a good way to lose weight.

   Taboos and precautions
   TCM acupoint massage is a safe way to lose weight without side effects, but there are also related contraindications and precautions. Including: women who suffer from severe cardiovascular disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, gastrointestinal disease, skin disease, lung disease during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, less than 3 months after visceral surgery, infants under 1 year old, etc. should not use this method.

  Using traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage to lose weight, but also pay attention to:

   1. Choose a professional Chinese medicine institution for treatment, and do not receive acupoint massage in private massage parlors.

  2, it is not suitable to perform acupressure massage on an empty stomach, less than 2 hours after a meal, or in poor conditions.

  3. Prepare adequately before receiving the massage, including removing the necklace, ring, etc., pay attention to warmth and proper hydration during the massage.

  4. When you want to massage different positions, if you feel too much force, you should communicate with the doctor in time to avoid physical injury.

   5. During the period of weight loss by massaging acupoints, patients should correct unreasonable diet and living habits, eat less high-fat, sweets and other foods, and cooperate with certain exercises.

   If you haven't tried acupressure to lose weight, you might as well try it. There will be unexpected effects. Have a healthy body and a perfect figure. If you feel good, share it with your friends and make your friends healthy and happy!

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