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Teach you how to lose weight fast, honey weight loss method

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How to lose weight with honey

  1. The first day of the honey water Weight loss method: empty the stomach and discharge the stool

  Materials: honey, roses, green tea.

   Pairing: After getting up early in the morning, mix 2 spoons of honey with 200ml of warm water to make a cup of honey water for breakfast;

   For lunch, use green tea brewed for 3 minutes to match 1 spoon of honey to make honey green tea. After drinking 2 cups, add 1 spoon of pure honey;

   For dinner, use rose tea brewed for 5 minutes and add 1 spoon of honey to make honey rose tea. Drink two cups.

Effect: Adhering to the intestinal cleansing recipe of the honey water Weight loss method on the first day can effectively discharge the accumulated stool in the body. The general drinker will have a strong desire to defecate in the afternoon or evening. If you really feel hungry, you can eat 1 spoon of honey to relieve it. .

  2. The second day of the honey water weight loss method: deep detoxification, contraction of the abdomen

  Materials: honey, black tea, green tea.

   Pairing: Drink a cup of warm honey green tea in the morning, and use the same green tea brewed for 3 minutes and 1 spoon of honey;

   For lunch, 2 cups of honey black tea made with 2 minutes of brewed black tea and 2 spoons of honey are used as staple food. If you feel hungry, you can add 1 spoon of pure honey;

   Dinner is also 2 cups of black tea with honey and 1 spoon of pure honey.

   Effect: After using the honey-water diet method, the stool in the body has been excreted on the first day, but there will still be a lot of toxins and garbage attached to the intestinal mucosa. It is precisely because the stool is emptied that the diet on the second day can further achieve the deep detox effect.

  3. The third day of the honey water weight loss method: dilute nephrotoxicity and accelerate metabolism

  Materials: honey, green tea, mint.

   Pairing: Use a cup of warm pure honey water for breakfast in the morning;

   2 cups of honey black tea for lunch, and 2 spoons of pure honey;

   After cooking with a little mint in boiling water for 3 minutes for dinner, let it cool slightly, add 2 tablespoons of honey, and drink 2 cups as staple food.

   Effect: On the third day, you have basically adapted to the adjustment of the honey water weight loss method, and the toxins in the stomach and intestines will be discharged. Therefore, this day is mainly to increase the frequency of urination, so that the toxins accumulated in the kidneys and glomeruli can be drained away.

Healthy weight loss

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