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Just drink water for 21 days and lose weight quickly

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In order to lose weight, many women sometimes try some extreme measures, such as dieting or fasting. Is there any scientific basis for this? Eating is indeed a way to lose weight quickly in a short period of time. At present, there are many mainstream light eating methods, such as 16:8 intermittent fasting method, 5:2 fasting method and so on.

   However, it is extremely irrational to perform extreme fasting for a long time without considering your own physical conditions and without any medical supervision, and it is likely to cause irreversible damage to the body.

   1. The hazards of fasting to lose weight
   Hunger can cause sleep disorders, emotional anxiety, and irritability. Many people do not add nutrition in time while reducing food intake during Weight loss, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, leading to blood sugar fluctuations, endocrine disorders, etc. These are all foreseeable side effects.

In the early stage of dieting, the energy balance of the body is destroyed, which is often quite effective. However, after a few days, the face will be sallow and dizzy. This is not a long-term solution!! Once the diet is improperly re-eating, the rebound rate is as high as 90%, and continuous dieting leads to the body The metabolic rate drops, and the low metabolic state cannot be sustained. If you want to lose weight more safely and effectively, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and appropriately reduce carbohydrate intake.

   2. Why is it easy to rebound on diet?
   The calories in the human body are stored in the liver, and the other is body fat distributed in the subcutaneous tissues, around internal organs, and in the omentum of the abdominal cavity. The culprit of fat is this kind of body fat. This is because the calories stored in the liver are easily obtained, while body fat is obtained through insulin.

   Therefore, dieting reduces calorie intake and basal metabolic rate, but it cannot effectively reduce body fat. If you want to maintain a slim figure, you must constantly reduce your calorie intake. Once you eat too much, it is easy to gain weight.

   3. Controlling insulin levels is the key to Weight loss
   If you want to lose weight, the real way is to control insulin levels so that the body can use body fat. Every time you eat, the body secretes insulin to store the calories in the food. If the insulin level in the body is maintained at a high level, the body will continue to store energy.

   There are only two forms of energy storage in animals: glycogen and fat. Glycogen is the only one that can supply energy. The human body contains about 100g liver glycogen, which can release about 40 calories per gram. In other words, glycogen can only store 4000 kcal of calories. If there is surplus, it will be converted into fat and continue to be hoarded.

   If insulin does not decrease, energy will be stored continuously, and fat will continue to increase, leading to obesity. The key to solving obesity is to find ways to reduce insulin levels.

   There are only two ways to naturally reduce insulin secretion:

   low-carb diet or ketogenic fasting

   As mentioned above, dieting to lose weight is not a long-term solution, so a healthy way to lose weight is to control your diet scientifically and reasonably, eat less refined sugar and less carbohydrates. Because a large amount of refined sugar or carbohydrates will stimulate the secretion of insulin, further aggravating the status quo of obesity.

   In addition to being beneficial for weight loss, low carbohydrate diets are also associated with low risk of cardiovascular disease and biochemical benefits such as cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

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