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Can I lose weight quickly without breakfast?

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Many people always think that as long as you eat less, you can lose weight, and most people choose not to eat breakfast, because you can skip breakfast directly after sleeping, and you can have lunch after you wake up. If they eat less, they will lose weight faster. Do you think so too?

   So I tell you, breakfast will not accelerate your Weight loss. Scientific research shows that people who skip breakfast every day lose weight at the same rate as those who eat breakfast. It does not mean that people who skip breakfast Lose weight faster.

Many people will weigh themselves early in the morning after skipping breakfast, and then find that their weight has indeed fallen a lot, but after a day of eating, they will find that their weight has risen again, and it is even higher than the previous weight. Seriously, this is also a true portrayal of most people.

   So can I lose weight without breakfast? Certainly not. And skipping breakfast will only make you appetite. What does breakfast mean to us? We have not eaten for more than ten hours from after dinner to breakfast, and our stomach and intestines are already working for breakfast. , If you don’t get nutritional supplements, you will reuse the nutrients in your body, such as feces and so on. Furthermore, skip breakfast and wait until lunch before eating. At this time, you will eat too much because you are too hungry. Eating is not conducive to Weight loss, but will make your body more obese.

During the weight loss period, only regular meals can make your body lose weight quickly, because the stomach and intestines take in nutrients in a timely manner, so that it can function efficiently. If you always eat meals often without having meals, your body will think Into the "famine", which will inhibit the body's metabolic capacity.

Although you will find that your weight drops very quickly in the early stages of dieting, you will find that your weight can no longer be lost after a month or so, and once you drink water, you will feel that your weight is rising. This is the effect of dieting to lose weight. When you resume your diet, your weight will rise, and it will be difficult to improve after your metabolism drops. Therefore, dieting to lose weight is not advisable.

   During the period of weight loss, you must stick to these 3 dietary principles!

   1. Eat a normal diet for three meals
   Don’t skip one of the meals to lose weight. You can reduce the amount of food, but don’t skip all meals. This is very bad for your body. Only when the regularity of your three meals is normalized can your metabolism and absorption be improved, and you can speed up your weight loss.

   2. Don’t skip staple foods and meat
   Many people also use another method of dieting, which is to eat only vegetables. They are afraid that the carbon water contained in the staple food is too high, and they are also afraid of the fat contained in the meat, so they will not gain weight if they do not eat it, but the body still needs carbon water and protein to supplement nutrition. If you do not eat staple food and meat for a long time Class, you will feel that your body is weak, you can't lift your energy for anything, and it will also reduce your metabolism and make your mood become irritable and irritable.

  3. Have a good eating habit
   When eating, pay attention to eating slowly. Don't eat too fast, don't eat too much, and don't eat too full. If your stomach is always supported, your appetite will become more and more amazing. And it is not good for your gastrointestinal function.

   When eating, drink a glass of water in advance. When eating, finish the meal first, and then go to other places. Chew slowly and eat slowly. Pay attention to satiety.

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