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What foods can't be eaten during weight loss

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What foods can't be eaten to lose weight


   1 banana = 90 calories = 1 hour walk

   Don’t think that all fruits are weight-loss artifacts. A banana contains about 90 calories. It is almost the highest calorie among common fruits. It takes 1 hour to walk for consumption. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is best to use other fruits instead.

   Freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar


   Whether eating hot pot or making cold dishes, yuba is a traditional food that everyone loves. But the heat of yuba is more than the same weight of pork. The heat of every 100 grams of yuba is about 459 kcal, which requires you to climb the stairs for 1 hour to consume.

   instant noodles

   A pack of instant noodles contains about 400 calories, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice. It takes 1 hour to run for consumption. When you are enjoying yourself, fat has accumulated on your body unknowingly. Don't eat it if you want to lose weight.


   1 can of Coke and 6 cups of sugar, a can of Coke contains 168 calories. One cup of Coke a day will give you 16 kilograms of fat a year later. Other soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Drinking is not coke but fat.


Every 6 pieces of chocolate chip cookies have 300 calories. 6 pieces a day for half a year can make you gain 14 kg. Even the whole wheat soda biscuits, 100g contains 506 calories, and you dare to eat it like this ?


  A croissant containing butter or shortening is rich in saturated fat and calories. A 100g croissant contains about 375 calories and about 14 grams of fat. You can only consume these calories by walking for an hour and a half. A croissant was eaten, and the hard work to lose weight a while ago was all in vain

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