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Weight loss recipes lose 10 pounds a week

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Diet arrangements are very important when losing weight. After all, Weight loss is about eating. If you want to maintain a good figure for a long time, it is essential to make a reasonable Weight loss diet. This is the most detailed three-meal-a-day menu, and you can easily lose weight by eating it.


   In the morning, eat a slice of whole wheat open toast, avocado and egg puree, and three fresh shrimps. It is nutritious and delicious, with a glass of milk. Eat less for breakfast, and you won’t be hungry if you eat an apple at ten. Eat mustard lean meat porridge at noon plus a cold cucumber appetizer with low calories. Eat chicken salad at night, sprinkle with nuts to increase the taste.


   Eat a cup of yogurt in the morning, with oatmeal as the base, put purple potato mash, strawberry flakes and nuts, and pour a cup of low-fat yogurt to mix, which is delicious and full. At noon, eat rice with tomatoes and scrambled eggs plus a portion of boiled vegetables, and a fruit platter for afternoon tea. Eat eel Japanese salad at night.


   Eat red bean porridge in the morning, with an egg and sour radish as a side dish. Eat chicken chop rice at noon, blanched broccoli and fried cabbage with nutritious and comprehensive, and eat a nutritious in the afternoon tea. Eating clams and loofah clear soup noodles is delicious and nourishing.


   Eat egg roll toast in the morning with a vegetable salad. For lunch, eat cold okra, potato stewed chicken breast and rice balls. Eat purple sweet potato and fried salmon at night.


   In the morning, eat milk soaked toast and corn with salmon. Have a steamed egg, rice and boiled vegetables for lunch. In the evening, eat cool soba noodles with a portion of fried cucumber with chicken.

  on Saturday:

   Eat sweet potatoes, black rice cereal and an egg in the morning, and add an orange after the meal. Eat beef salad at noon and add a mashed potato. Eat boiled spinach and sweet potato porridge at night.


   On the last day of the week, the weight loss effect is already very obvious. Eat Caesar salad with yogurt in the morning, have a cheating meal at noon, and drink porridge at night to help digestion.

   In the process of losing weight, you can set up a cheat meal once a week. You can eat any food you want. This time, high-calorie intake does not

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