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Want to lose weight fast in a short time? No need to be hungry with this way

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Although we are well aware of the iron law of "fast reduction, fast play", there are still some people who want to lose weight quickly regardless. It may be due to the nature of the job, or it may be due to various temporary situations...So how can we lose weight quickly?

   Everyone knows that if you want to lose weight quickly, you have to have a big energy deficit. To put it bluntly, it means: just keep your mouth shut! And you have to endure it when you are hungry!

   There are many emergency fast Weight loss methods, such as no food after lunch, light fasting, fasting, meal replacement, low-carbon Weight loss, and so on. The essence of them is to "just keep your mouth shut."

   But... how to eat to make you feel the lowest hunger, the strongest happiness, and lose weight quickly?

  How to eat to bring the lowest hunger?
   Not being hungry is the most important thing in weight loss, because eating when hungry is a human instinct. You have to fight your own instinct all the time. Reason always loses, and only lose weight fails.

If you don’t eat after lunch, there are more than ten hours before the next meal. This must be hungry; light fasting usually means fasting every other day or two days a week, and you have to be hungry; bigu requires basically not eating for many days. Even more hungry.

  Don't worry, don't worry~ For this problem, doctors generally recommend the "low-carbon weight loss method" to everyone.

   is to reject food and its products such as steamed buns, rice, noodles, bread, etc., some high-starch vegetables such as potatoes, yams, lotus roots, etc., as well as all fruits and sweets.

   However, you can still choose to eat leafy vegetables, melon and eggplant dishes, fungus and algae dishes, fresh beans dishes, and protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc. So relatively speaking, the low-carb diet is the least hungry.

  How to eat to have the strongest happiness?
Non-eating, fasting, and light fasting after lunch are either one less meal a day, one day, or many days, which naturally makes the happiness of eating plummet; while meal replacements are basically solid beverages. Eating weight-loss biscuits, I believe that there is no sense of happiness for anyone.

   What about a low-carbon diet? At least there is a meal to eat, and there are also vegetables and meat. It happens that many people love to eat meat, and their happiness is better than other ways to lose weight.

   In addition, the gratifying thing is that the low-carb diet will also reduce relatively quickly. Because vegetables are rich in dietary fiber can increase the feeling of fullness, and protein-rich meat, egg, custard and soy can delay the feeling of fullness. Therefore, the low-carbon diet method consumes the lowest energy when eating the same fullness.

   In addition, since the body's fat decomposition will be accelerated when the body is low-carbon, the ketone bodies formed after decomposition will also suppress appetite, further reduce energy intake, and be more conducive to weight loss.

   How to eat a low-carb diet?
   1. Vegetables: 200 to 300 grams per meal. The weight here refers to the birth weight. Weigh at home a few times and feel the prepared dishes to be sure of the amount.

  2. Meat: 150 to 200 grams per day. Choose pure lean meat, such as pork and beef tenderloin. If you choose chicken, duck and goose, you need to peel it.

   3. Eggs: Eat 1 to 2 eggs a day. If you want to further reduce fat intake, you can only eat egg whites instead of egg yolks.

   4. Milk: Drink 300 to 500 grams a day. If you drink yogurt, you need to choose sugar-free yogurt.

   Everyone may be wondering here~ Why is the amount of various foods given in a range? Dangdang! Because different heights are important to ensure the same feeling of fullness, and the energy required is not the same!

   Nutritionists suggest that during each meal, you must first eat 200 to 300 grams of vegetables before eating other foods. And eating should be mindless, chew slowly, and stop when you are full but not able to support it.

   In order to slow down the eating rhythm, you can drink water while eating, but you have to take a sip, take a mouthful of rice and drink a sip of water.

   Tips: In addition, with less oil and salt, the short-term weight loss effect will be better~ So if you are dining out, it is recommended to rinse with water before eating. In the last few days of the weight loss period, oil-free and salt-free meals can also come in handy to sprint weight loss!

  What are the side effects of fast weight loss
   First of all, even if the fast weight loss method is adopted for a short period of time, the possibility of increasing certain health risks still exists. So please consult a professional doctor and nutritionist before you plan to try it.

   If the rapid weight loss method is adopted for a long time, in addition to menstrual abnormalities, rough skin, hair loss and other problems, it may also cause overeating in severe cases, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidney, leading to the risk of osteoporosis and other diseases.

   At the same time, please do well in the psychological anticipation of rebound. The fast weight loss method can only be used for emergency weight loss, because fast weight loss will definitely rebound quickly, and weight loss after rebound is more difficult.

   Of course, the last thing is that doctors still suggest that if it is not in extremely special circumstances, try not to choose a fast weight loss method.

   Of course you can lose weight quickly~ but I hope you really need to do this.

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