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One week diet to lose weight to ensure nutrition and fast weight loss

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Weight loss is a compulsory course for female friends. A woman doesn't want to have a good figure, but she wants to lose weight not overnight. To lose weight, she needs to find the right way to persevere. But in life, there are many Weight loss pitfalls, it is possible that you have fallen into it without knowing it. Let's take a look.

   Trap 1: Emotional Eating
   Generally speaking, if people are looking for comfort, it is easy to find food. At that moment, you will feel good. However, when you eat two or three pieces of chocolate cake, you will feel worse than before. Things that were supposed to release your emotions at the time have caused you to fall into a vicious circle, which ultimately leads to weight gain.

   Therefore, we must find a way to satisfy our venting needs other than food. Experts suggest that socializing is the key. By talking to people and laughing, we can release our emotions well. Sometimes going for a walk can also suppress emotional eating.

   If you unfortunately fall into the trap of emotional eating, the most important thing is to forgive yourself. Feeling guilty all the time or punishing yourself will only bring worse consequences and make you more miserable. You've improved since the moment you forgive yourself. At times, it is difficult for people to overcome emotional eating. If you feel depressed or pressure has made you breathless, the best way is to see a doctor for treatment.

   Trap 2: "CD" club
   "Eat what's on your plate", at first glance, this may be what your parents ask you for during dinner. But in fact, this also reflects the dietary problems of most people, which is also one of the most indestructible enemies when most people fight obesity.

   The "CD-ROM" club was founded by President Wilson of the United States during World War I. To prevent food from being wasted. The students were asked to sign a guarantee that they would not waste a grain of food on the plate. Do not eat between meals. After about a century, many people still abide by this agreement. Although the food is sufficient, many people still find themselves subconsciously observing the principle of three meals a day. If you don't limit your food intake every day, you can easily overeat. When you save your belly to dinner, you are likely to eat a whole plate full of calories.

   Replace the three meals you overeat daily with smaller meals.

  Your daily goal is not to plan what you want to eat, but to go with a variety of healthy foods and snacks. Bowl after bowl of food in a restaurant is your most tempting enemy when you lose weight. If you find it difficult to stop talking while eating out, find someone to share with you or order a children’s meal. This way you will eat less.

   Trap 3: Lose weight-crazy eating-weight loss vicious circle and supper
You may have omitted breakfast, a meal, or a group of foods for weight loss. In theory, you can lose 2 catties in two weeks and say goodbye to fat, but the result is imbalanced blood sugar or Your appetite is not satisfied. Ignore the signal of hunger or fullness sent by the body. Food and body needs will be separated. Once you respond to the signal of your body's hunger, you are likely to lose control.

   These habits will make you fall into two common traps: weight loss-eating wildly-weight loss vicious cycle and midnight snacks. If we skip regular meals, eat very little, and then drink coffee for a day, we will feel hungry, weak, and craving for food at night.

   The key to avoiding these two pitfalls is not to omit a meal and make sure you don’t go hungry. A snack in the afternoon can make you feel better at night. A piece of fruit or a cup of coffee will not work. Some carbohydrates should be consumed, such as whole grains or protein. Before five o’clock in the afternoon, you can decide what to eat for dinner, and after you have a snack in the afternoon, the decisions you make tend to be healthier.

   The following is the one-week weight loss recipe recommended by the editor. Let your diet be balanced.

  1, Monday: spinach and celery juice, tomato and apple juice and spinach
   Spinach and celery juice only has the green and astringent taste of raw vegetables, and nothing else is sweet or salty. Although it's hard to drink, I still persevered for my weight loss plan. So cuties must persevere in losing weight.

  2, Tuesday: carrot soup
   Don’t watch it, there is only one thick soup, and I eat it for 2 consecutive meals. Because carrot soup is helpful for weight loss, it can also replenish physical strength, it is particularly energetic, and it also helps sleep! I think it is incredible that MM needs to eat carrot soup as delicious and delicious! In order to lose weight, you have to die. Up!

  3, Wednesday: Broccoli mushroom soup and tomato carrot soup
Lunch and dinner are broccoli mushroom soup and tomato carrot soup. I mince them before cooking. Today’s menu is my favorite. It can not only lose weight, it is also healthy and green! When the tomatoes are not cooked yet. You can still eat a few pieces secretly, not afraid of getting fat!

  4, Thursday: Corn with high dietary fiber
After the "non-human" menu of the previous few days, do you feel that your body is lighter today? And the lower abdomen is flat, the legs are thinner, the face is smaller, and the number of times to look in the mirror has increased! Hahaha, this is the charm of the scientific diet to lose weight. You will not be hungry after you get used to it. As long as you can resist the temptation of other delicacies and continue to eat like this, you will receive unexpected surprises! Corn, I'm here!

  5, Friday: The food is still the same, plus jogging
   Jogging is the best exercise to burn body calories. I run for an hour every day, running and walking. I feel that this sweat is the result of my fat. The menu is still based on low-fat fruits and vegetables.

   6. Saturday: Increase food in moderation
   At this time, you can increase your intake of some food, and drinking some nutritious slimming porridge is a good choice. Corn carrot porridge can make you full while not eating too much fat.

  7, Sunday: the day of weighing
Fix a day for weighing. After each week, check your weight loss results, keep a record, and take turns to eat the arranged menu every day. You can't destroy the weight loss plan. Add a little exercise and don’t sit and stand for a long time. , To ensure the quality of sleep, slim and beautiful are not far from you!

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