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7 days a week, my 21 ultra-simple fat-reducing meals

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As a veteran Weight loss enthusiast, I have gone through various unreliable attempts over the years and finally made me really lose weight. There are only two things:

   1) Fall in love with sports. (The movement part, drag it to the end of the article to see it)

   2) Eat properly.

   Recently, I have entered the bottleneck period of losing weight. Since last week, I have swiped a round of [fat-reducing meal] and rushed to try to lose 4 catties of fat this month.

   I have a meal when I lose weight, my own experience is: it must be simple! Easy to do! Every meal has enough nutrition, just fine.

   If it is too complicated, once you are hungry, you may grab whatever you have on hand to eat, which is even more troublesome.

   I put together my 7-day Weight loss diary + recipes last week, and the pictures are in the order of morning, noon, and evening. Friends who asked me to eat fat-reducing meals before can read this article today.

   I strive to keep a record every day on Weibo, who wants to brush fat together

   1) Don’t eat, just rely on being hungry. 2) Fruit instead of eating. 3) Don't eat staple food all at once. 4) And various auxiliary "weight loss treatments".

  Because I am old enough, all of the above weight loss experiences with a sense of age have been put into practice, but the facts have proved that it is just two words: it is not very useful. It doesn't make much sense for short-term results.

   Exercise + eat correctly. It sounds the easiest and the hardest to do, but it's easier to get a habit.

   Let's repeat, the fat-reducing meal must be simple, the ingredients are easy to buy, and the preparation time is short. Otherwise, what happened?

   Once hungry, it’s easy to catch what to eat, huh (don’t ask me how I know it).

   One meal, enough nutrition is enough.

   Our Chinese stomach can't stand the salad every day, especially after it's cold, we still have to eat hot Chinese food all day long.

   The second day's beck, it's over.

  Day3 fat-reducing meal

   Make a can of yogurt, and you can eat it for a long time.

   Make a meal of beef with soy sauce, which can be eaten for a long time.

   If you cook multi-grain rice once, you can eat it for a few days.

  Other vegetables are easy to handle. Remember to eat green leafy vegetables every day, with less oil, less salt, and no sugar. Desserts are in the fat-reducing period, so don't even think about it.

   There are always eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce in the refrigerator. When you don’t eat them, you can make a salad or eat them raw.

   I haven't succeeded yet, and I'm still on the road, so this month, we can be with you.

  Day4 fat-reducing meal

   The breakfast time is tight, and some things can be made before going to bed.

   "Cold kohlrabi silk": shredded kohlrabi, (vinegar, light soy sauce, water, millet pepper, a little sesame oil) soak for five minutes, pour the kohlrabi silk and put it in the refrigerator. It is convenient to eat in the morning.

  During the fat reduction period, it is difficult to have the conditions to cook at home every day. What to eat for "takeaways and gatherings", you must also pay attention to "no sugar, low salt, and less oil", do your best.

   The "roasted chicken thighs" for dinner are also prepared before going to bed. The chicken thighs are peeled, cut three times, add chili powder, pepper powder, cumin powder, light soy sauce and marinate, no more salt. Marinate overnight at 190°C for 18 minutes.

  Day5 fat-reducing meal

  Breakfast: Snow peas, picked the night before, just blanch it in boiling water when you wake up in the morning (you can also blanch it the night before), add some sea salt and olive oil, or throw away sesame oil, depending on your preference.

  Lunch: Take the rice to the company, blanch the broccoli, the multi-grain rice and the beef with sauce.

   When eating at noon, the broccoli does not need to be heated. The box of multi-grain rice and sauce beef, microwave oven on high heat for one minute, remember to cover.

   Dinner: I marinated four skinless chicken drumsticks the day before yesterday, ate two of them, and ate the remaining two last night. Repeat the method and post it:

   "Roasted chicken legs" are also prepared before going to bed. The chicken legs are peeled, cut three times, add chili powder, pepper powder, cumin powder, soy sauce to marinate, no more salt. Marinate overnight at 190°C for 18 minutes.

   I just record the three meals a day, some things can be eaten for several days, so there will be repetitions, but it will save trouble when eating like this.

   Also, remember to exercise.

  Day6 fat-reducing meal

   I cook fat-reducing meals. Most of the time, I use whatever is in the refrigerator or needs cleaning.

   In the breakfast mix, there are all kinds of leftovers, a little celery, a little fungus, and a little konjac. Throw them in the boiling water and blanch them together. Just use the "cold sauce" that I said yesterday.

   "Cold sauce" repeat, because it can be used to mix many dishes: vinegar, light soy sauce, water, millet pepper, a little sesame oil (note that no sugar and salt are added).

   I had lunch with my friends, obviously I ate too much. I believe that in this case, you have to have it during the fat loss period, so please see our dinner.

  Day7 fat-reducing meal

   I went to Xiamen on a business trip on the weekend. Before I left, I ate this at home ↑

   The sandwiches made in advance at home, washed cucumbers, and a bag of smoked chicken breasts, I won’t eat the airplane meal, and I’ll take my own.

   A girl sitting side by side with me also brought her own meal. Oh, what a coincidence, they looked at each other and smiled, knowing that each other was on the way to lose weight.

   In the evening, my friend invited a group of us to eat at a food stall in Xiamen. There were many delicious foods, but in the principle of less oil and less salt in the evening, I only ate shrimp, conch and crab.

   I went back to the hotel in the evening and ate two cucumbers and tomatoes.

   During our fat reduction period, we will definitely encounter the situation of gathering outside. You don’t need to not participate. Choose what you can eat and eat as much as you want.

   Even if you eat wrong or eat too much, don’t worry, you will adjust it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Or if you exercise for a while and consume the food that you eat too much, it is also ok.

   Basically what to eat, how to eat, I have said almost the same.

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