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7-day weight loss diet, only lose body fat

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Losing weight is a lifelong career for many people. Diet pills, meal replacements, dieting, fasting, aerobics... a variety of ways to lose weight, many people are rushing to spend a lot of money without seeing the effect, and various side effects are also causing People are discouraged. Is there a way to lose weight that is safe and does not cost extra money? Really!

Today, from the perspective of "shut up," we will give you two practical and healthy ways of eating. When you think of light food, do you think of "salad" in your mind and then reject it? In fact, light food is fine. There are more choices↓↓

Also known as intermittent fasting, it means that you do not eat for a period of time every day or every week. Just looking at the concept, everyone is still very confused. Let’s first summarize some of the current popular intermittent fasting methods, intermittent fasting. Eating also produces some unpleasant side effects, but they usually disappear within a month. Some studies by Mayo Clinic and Harvard have shown that intermittent fasting may be more beneficial than other diets, reducing inflammation and improving inflammation-related diseases .

But! The above three methods all include a full day of fasting, which may cause intolerance of the body and even induce certain diseases. Since there are so many side effects, why should I introduce it to everyone? Don’t worry. , First of all, we have to emphasize again that fasting to lose weight is very unreasonable and not recommended!

What I really want to recommend for everyone today is actually the following more scientific and improved version of the "light fasting", which controls the energy diet 5 days a week, and the other 2 days of non-continuous light fasting (very low calorie diet). It is recommended to choose high-quality protein. Foods and foods with low glycemic index.

  How to choose foods with low glycemic index?

The editor below takes an adult woman with a height of 165cm and a weight of 70kg, who is engaged in light manual labor, as an example, and customizes a light fasting diet for her for a week. The energy of the 5-day control diet is 1300-1400kcal, and the energy of the very low-calorie diet for 2 days A light fasting recipe for a week above 400-500kcal

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