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What are the fastest ways to lose weight fast, stovepipe

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What are the fastest ways to lose weight quickly

   first step

   Soften exercises and improve leg muscles People who regularly participate in exercise are prone to stoutness on the front side of their thighs. So how to change this situation? In fact, a simple lunge can help you

   Spread your legs one after the other, press your hands on your knees, place your weight on your front feet, and straighten your back feet for 15 minutes. Remember that the waist must be straight, keep this movement for 15 seconds, and then switch to the other side to do the exercise.

   second step

   Stovepipe food, accelerate the burning of leg fat

  Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a good helper to help you lose elephant legs. Its unique fruit acid composition can greatly promote the body's metabolism, and it contains low calories, but its potassium content is the most weight-loss fruit.

   Apple: Apple has a very high calcium content, which helps to promote body metabolism. At the same time, the malic acid contained in apples can also help burn calories. As for water-soluble fibrous pectin, it can help improve constipation, remove garbage from the intestines, and make you feel a lot lighter.

   Kiwifruit: The cellulose content is very rich, and the fiber absorbs water and swells, which makes people feel full. Not only that, the fruit fiber can also speed up the decomposition of fat, avoiding too much fat to make the legs thick.

  third step

   stovepipe coup, insist on having Yang Mi legs in March

   After taking a shower, pat the inner thighs. After taking a shower, pat the inner thigh with your palm while the blood circulation is just right, which can also help you have a well-proportioned leg.

   When sitting, keep your knees together and try to fit your calves together, and relax after about 10 seconds. Repeat this action and keep breathing evenly. Short-term muscle contraction and relaxation alternate, which can effectively thin the calf line.

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