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Lazy weight loss recipe, easy to lose 3~5 catties a week

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Some people say there is no way to eat and drink thin? In fact, this is not impossible. It depends on what you eat. How to lose weight by diet? This is a basic skill that people who want to lose weight need to master. It's not that eating less makes you really thin, but eating well makes you lose weight. There is really no need to look at the timid step of "eating" to lose weight. If you can't eat it, just don't eat it. If you can eat it normally, just eat it normally.

   Today, I will teach you a three-meal recipe to lose 3~5 catties a week. What to eat? How to match? Basically follow the recipe that I match. It is easy to lose weight to lose weight. Let’s take a look at this universal formula for a fat-reducing diet:

   Breakfast formula: 200g protein + 200g premium carbohydrate + 100g dietary fiber. The latest time is 7:00~9:00.

  Lunch formula: 200g protein + 150g premium carbohydrate + 200g dietary fiber. The best time is 11:30~12:30.

   Dinner formula: carbon water 100g + vitamin 150g + dietary fiber 200g. The best time is 17:30~18:30.

  The matching method is to match the corresponding foods through the grams in the formula, so that you can choose the food according to your preferences, and you don't have to worry about eating what you don't like when you lose weight.

   High-quality carbs: millet, corn, mung beans, oats, sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, red beans, brown rice. These are basically staple foods with low-calorie satiety and good taste. Although they contain carbohydrates, they are high-quality carbohydrates.

   High-quality protein: fish, eggs, chicken breast, beans, lean beef, milk. The intake of high-quality protein is the key to ensuring basal metabolism, so remember to take it and not just eat vegetarian food without meat. As for whether the protein is better than meat protein or plant protein? I think it is best to eat alternately. There is no need to just eat which one.

   Low-calorie vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms, kelp, bitter gourd. Although most vegetables are low in calories, these are often chosen during Weight loss, because in addition to low calories, they have the effect of promoting fat loss.

   low-calorie fruits: papaya, kiwi, blueberry, pear, apple, dragon fruit, cherry, banana, grapefruit, hawthorn. These are low-sugar, low-fat or high-fiber fruits that promote intestinal peristalsis. Each fruit has its benefits.

   Then there is another question. Should the weight of food be weighed every time? It is good to be so fine, but it is really troublesome. I usually use this method:

   Visual inspection with fists, although not particularly accurate, but you can get a rough idea.

   One punch of non-rhizome staple food is ≈75 grams, and one punch of rhizome ≈180g. If you want to consume 100g of oats, you will probably have two more knuckles per fist; if you want to consume 100g of potatoes, cut the fist-sized potatoes in half and eat.

   The same method as above, a large handful of leafy vegetables ≈80g, such as spinach, rape, cabbage, etc.; a punch of non-leaf vegetables ≈80g, such as broccoli.

A small handful of    fruits is ≈80g, and a fist of meat ≈250g.

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