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You can lose weight without dieting! Five principles based on science

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For some people, losing weight is like quicksand, which can trap you to death. But some people can succeed, and it also brings us many success stories. Next, I will discuss with you how to achieve effective Weight loss without dieting, and can bring sustainable Weight loss results.

   Why doesn't the diet work?
   If you have been on a diet in the past and are now on a diet, then you must find this method too difficult. From the paleo diet to the plant-based diet, to intermittent fasting. Does it make you feel terrible? We need to find a way to lose weight that is really easy. And these two facts should not be met:

  First, only play a role in the short term.

   Second, it will fail in the long run.

  Why does the above diet only work in the short term?

   Let’s take a look at the following popular diet methods. How do they help you lose weight?

   Paleo diet: It is the elimination of all foods of vegetables, meat, fruits and nuts.

   Keto diet: It eliminates all macronutrients, especially carbohydrates.

   Plant-based diet: Eat only vegetables and plant-based foods.

   Intermittent fasting: skipping a meal or not eating for 24 hours.

   These diets can achieve 99% weight loss in a short period of time because they reduce your calorie intake. So when we see the second fact. In the long run, almost every diet will fail. In other words, they only temporarily change your weight loss results.

   This is why I hate dieting. In order to make the diet have a permanent effect, a permanent diet must be adopted.

   As long as you eat less, you will definitely lose weight in the short term. What it achieves is to reduce your calorie intake. But today we will talk about the following two facts:

   First, don’t use flickering weight loss, and don’t use roller coaster weight loss.

   Second, you must be happy when you lose weight, there should be no pain, and it should not make you tired of the beauty of life.

   Therefore, the following 5 guidelines can help you achieve these content. But you need at least a year to persist in doing so. If the change is too radical, or you want to give up halfway, then please reduce the content of this plan. In other words, let's not think about how much catty I can lose in a month, but think about what I should do today. This is not terrible, and we will see the results in a year.

   Rule one, you can lose weight without dieting

   When you lose weight, you only need to follow one principle: Eat fewer calories than burned calories. And the following four criteria are all based on this foundation.

   Our body also obeys the laws of thermodynamics, and in order to lose weight, we burn more calories than normal. Every day our body needs a certain number of calories to perform daily functions. Such as making your heart beat, brain thinking and body movement, etc. This is called the total daily energy consumption, or TDEE for short.

   When you consume more calories than burned calories, the body tends to store these excess calories as fat.

   When you burn more calories than you burn, your body will extract energy from fat.

   Therefore, in order to make us lose weight, we need to find a way to improve energy balance and advocate burning fat. This is a very complicated topic. We need to eat less so that our body can use fat storage for energy. This is also the beginning of the problem. Because many people don’t know how much to eat, and they overestimate their calorie burn.

   The most important factor in nutrition is to consume fewer calories than burned calories. The best way is to choose the right foods, such as:

  Protein: meat and beans

  Fresh fruits and high-fiber vegetables

   Carbohydrate: Rice

  Fat: Almond or olive oil

  Occasional cheese and dairy products

  The calories of these foods are often lower than processed foods. They make us feel full, but the calorie consumption is not high. This means that we feel full, but consume fewer calories.

   The way we want to lose weight is to eat less food without knowing it, and then burn more calories. You can give priority to your existing food. This is what I want to say next.

   Rule two, give priority to protein and vegetables

   We are thinking about losing weight, not hungry. First of all we have to consider protein. Because it is an important fuel for the body to rebuild muscles, it is also delicious and nutritious, allowing us to eat effective calories. An adult’s daily goal is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, with an upper limit of 250 grams. Sources of protein include cows and chickens, eggs, fish, shellfish and beans.

   Another option is vegetables. Vegetables are one of the biggest differences between successful and failed weight loss. Vegetables are rich in nutrients, but have the lowest calories. You can eat a lot of vegetables and feel full, but you will not consume too many calories.

  In the pursuit of weight loss without liposuction, we need to focus on low-calorie foods to make us feel full. Always start with protein and vegetables is the best choice.

  Guideline three, understand the intake of carbohydrate and fat

   According to the second criterion, if our food is between protein and vegetables. So how much fat and carbs are there? If you eat the right amount of fat and carbs, you can also lose weight. But fat and carbs are almost always the culprits.

  Carbon water is a nutrient that most people take in excessive amounts, but many people do not realize this. However, you can also use some carbohydrate foods that make you feel full. Such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and whole wheat bread.

   Fat is the most unacceptable in the eyes of people who lose weight, but it is not super trash. Fat is also a kind of nutrition, if the right amount is taken, it can also help us lose weight. If you consume too much, then you will be farther and farther away from your goal.

   In order to assess your fat intake, it is recommended that each serving of fat intake should not exceed the size of a thumb. If you can give priority to protein fruits and vegetables, and control the intake of carbohydrate and fat, then your weight loss will be successful.

   Rule 4, exercise to lose weight

  Nutrition is necessary for weight loss, but exercise is also indispensable. Regarding weight loss, I will introduce three forms of exercise.

   aerobic exercise: can make your heart beat better.

  Interval training: Variable speed training, such as HIIT.

   Strength training: Challenge your muscles and make you stronger.

  Aerobic exercise is a kind of exercise that can get rid of the fat in your hips and also make your heart healthier. You can do important sports at home or outdoors anytime, anywhere, such as running and skipping rope.

   High-intensity interval exercise, which consumes more calories per hour than aerobic exercise. You can set aside 20 minutes of HIIT exercise every day. Or a combination of the above two exercises can have a good effect on weight loss.

   When the body's calories are insufficient, the body extracts energy from fat and muscle. From a physique and health point of view, obviously we want him to extract energy from fat instead of breaking down our muscles. The next 5th point is what I said about weight loss strength training.

   Rule 5, strength training for weight loss

   Strength training can be said to be the champion of weight loss. When you do push-ups, pull-ups and other strength training, your muscles will be broken down during the exercise, and within the next 48 hours, they will become stronger.

   Within these 48 hours, your body will consume as many calories as possible for muscle rebuilding, which means that two things will happen:

   First, rebuilding muscles is an activity that consumes calories.

  Secondly, during this time, your metabolism will also improve.

   When the calories you burn are less than the calories burned every day. Strength training will make your body more efficient and you will burn more fat.

   You don’t need to lose weight before starting strength training. You can lose weight through strength training. You can do strength training three times a week, which is the best frequency to lose weight.

  According to the above 5 criteria, I have added a few tips for you to lose weight quickly

   Try to reduce fluid calorie intake. High-calorie beverages may ruin your weight loss effect. Do not drink soda, coffee latte, and other high-calorie beverages. Drinking alcohol is the biggest mistake in losing weight.

   Learn cooking skills. Learning cooking skills allows you to prepare healthy meals for yourself during the week, so you can avoid eating junk food.

   Track your calories. If you fail to lose weight. It is very likely that you did not realize that you are eating too much calories.

   Eat slowly. Eating slowly is easier to digest than eating faster. Because of frequent chewing, you will also consciously consume more calories.

   Find more interesting ways of operation. For example, play games with your child, or go out to play. In unknowingly losing weight, it can also increase the parent-child relationship.

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