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How to lose weight by skipping rope

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In the exercise to lose weight, in addition to running to lose weight, another Exercise to lose weight that is popular among dieters is skipping rope. Rope skipping to lose weight has many advantages. It is not restricted by time or place. It can also achieve the effect of whole body Weight loss by skipping rope. It can also improve the function of the heart and lungs, which is helpful for physical and mental health. There are indeed many benefits of skipping to lose weight, but is it clear to everyone that skipping to lose weight requires skill to achieve good results.

  The skills of skipping rope to lose weight
   1. Both feet should jump at the same time

Bring your legs together. When jumping with the forefoot power, let your body lean to the right or left. When landing, lean in the opposite direction to jump. Continue to jump for more than 30 minutes, and the body will continue to move left and right. Tilting exercise can exercise the muscles of the waist and reduce the fat on the waist. When the feet are jumping synchronously, they can get enough movement of the feet and arms, and help burn the fat of the feet and arms.

  2, jump with arms crossed

First of all, prepare for skipping rope. Exercise the skipping rope with arms crossed. When the rope is in the air, cross your arms. When skipping the crossover, let your arms return to their original shape. This can exercise the muscles of the arms and help reduce fat. Finally achieved the effect of Weight loss.

  3, side foot jump

  I mainly use both hands and wrists to vigorously wave, and rhythmically swing the skipping rope. When the left foot is on the ground, the right foot is gently raised, and the right foot should be tilted to one side. Jump about 20 times in a row, and then switch to the other side of the foot. It is mainly to support the body with one foot and beat rhythmically, which can help to consume the fat on the muscles of the legs. But in the process of skipping rope, you should not raise your feet too high or too slowly, otherwise the rope will trip over your feet and cause physical injury. People who try for the first time should master the speed.

  4, one-leg alternate jump

   Make the rope swing faster. When swinging the rope, jump on the ground quickly with one foot. When the other leg is raised, raise the knee joints as much as possible for about 40 minutes. This allows the muscles of one foot to be fully activated, and the fat on the legs can be shaken quickly, thereby helping to eliminate the fat on the legs. In addition, it can also make the body more and more slender.

   The skills that should be paid attention to by skipping to lose weight, through the above explanation, have you already understood? For dieters, if you want to lose weight by skipping, you must pay attention to the correct way of skipping. It should also be reminded here that not everyone can skip rope to lose weight. If the knee is injured and the body is too obese, it is recommended not to skip rope as much as possible, otherwise it will increase the load on the knee.

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