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How to lose weight by exercise 4 tips are very important

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Regarding how to lose weight? Health experts pointed out that in order to achieve a good Weight loss effect, one should choose exercise to lose weight. Exercise weight loss is very popular now, but did you know that although there are many exercises, not all exercises are suitable for weight loss. Even for a suitable project, there are many things to pay attention to in the process. Now let me introduce to you, I hope it can be helpful to you all.

  How to exercise weight loss correctly
   1. The exercise time cannot be less than 20 minutes

   No matter what kind of exercise method you choose, you can’t take less than 20 minutes. A single exercise for more than 10 minutes can maintain your health. For people who lose weight and consume calories, 10 minutes of exercise consumes very little, but consumes glycogen. If you want to consume fat and energy, you must continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes and keep your heart rate above 55%. After the glycogen in the liver and muscles is consumed, fat will be greatly utilized.

  2, choose a variety of sports

   No matter what kind of weight loss method you choose, if you use a single method for a long time, you will inevitably experience a plateau, and you will not lose weight. For example, after jogging for 8 weeks, the body will gradually adapt to the exercise intensity, reducing the stimulation to the body. Exercise intensity and time are immutable, it is necessary to follow the exercise capacity to increase, and adjust the exercise load in time. For long-term swimming, you can choose to jog, swim or dance. You need 2 to 3 strength training a week to increase muscles and increase the body's basal metabolic rate to achieve the effect of weight loss.

   3. Strength training is indispensable

Half an hour of weight training can increase muscle metabolism. Research has found that the basic calorie consumption of a pound of muscle is 50 calories per day, which means that if more calories are consumed in the body, muscle and fat must be increased. Ratio, you need to do weight training twice a week, you can also insist on lifting dumbbells every day, which can make muscles stronger and help fat consumption.

  4, the action should be concise

   When obese people are determined to lose weight, they should choose a good exercise method. The exercise method is simple and effective, and there is no need to learn specifically. Losing weight is a physical activity, and you must keep your movements concise, clear and easy to perform. For example, raise your legs on the spot, front legs, squats on the left and right sides, and lie on your back.

  How to Exercise to lose weight? What should we pay attention to in the process of exercise to lose weight? After reading the above explanation, we should understand. There are many exercises to lose weight. We must choose the path that suits us according to our actual situation. In the process of exercise, do not blindly pursue the amount and intensity of exercise, but proceed step by step, so as not to cause harm to the body. In addition to exercise, if you want to lose weight successfully, you also need to pay attention to your daily diet. In the exercise process, reasonable arrangements should be made to avoid affecting the exercise effect.

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