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These 3 exercises are good choices for weight loss

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Two days ago, I watched the video taken by Xu Meida Broken Mouth. Xu Meida said that during her annual physical examination, her doctor was shocked when she saw her weight. She was 162 pounds last year and was a bit fatter. This year, she has gained another 12 pounds, 176 pounds. lb.

   The doctor ordered Xu Meida to lose weight and asked her to talk about her daily diet and exercise status. Xu Meida Barabara told her about her diet and exercise status. After hearing this, the doctor abacus denied, saying that she did not exercise enough, and she had to exercise 5 days a week, 30 minutes each time.

   Xu Meida decided to start losing weight. For dinner, he ate a sandwich and a bowl of vegetable salad without salad dressing. Xu Meida lives in the United States, and his doctor is an American, but in the matter of Weight loss, the whole world is universal, nothing more than diet and exercise.

   The last article talked about diet. Today, let’s talk about why we need to exercise to lose weight. Can we just rely on being hungry? Exercise is so tired, how to exercise to achieve the most beautiful results.

  Why do you need Exercise to lose weight?
   Ordinary people do not exercise or not, we don’t know, but for every star with a slender figure, one of the secrets of keeping in shape is to rely on exercise.

   Some time ago, the popular entertainment variety show "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", although their average age is 35+ years old, their figure and state are like 18-year-old beautiful girls.

   Bai Bing in the photo, wearing a black vest and gray sports trousers, is slim, six-pack abs and vest line has become a very beautiful scenery line, which makes us envious and jealous.

   However, the six-pack abs and the vest line did not come out of thin air, they were the result of countless sports sweats.

   There is also Yi Nengjing, who is 52 years old and 25 years old in body and condition.

Exercise has become her way of life. Just like eating and sleeping, practicing daily, running, yoga, planking... has reached the professional level. Even her mother-in-law and Qin Hao's mother say that Yi Nengjing is their fitness coach. .

   Exercising is not only tiring, but also takes time. Isn’t it okay to lose weight without exercising? I believe this is a question of many people.

   Tong Tong, the author of the book "Fatty Wet", said in the preface of the book "Fatty Wet": "Why Yan Ni, who has become thinner, seems to be lacking energy?"

   At the Spring Festival Gala in 2019, Yan Ni came out to perform the sketch. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that Yan Ni was thin, but the sharp-eyed audience also found that Yan Ni was hunched over and lacking energy. This is how the same thing?

   Tong Tong believes that the main reason why Yan Ni is doing this is because she is thin. Her thinness is due to dieting, which means that she is hungry and thin, not through exercise.

   This kind of Weight loss, although the fat is less hungry, the muscles did not increase because of hunger. The lack of muscles made her a tired posture, because the posture, appearance, and fullness are supported by muscles.

   From Yan Ni’s example, we can conclude that if you lose weight without exercising, there will be two consequences:

First, not exercising to lose weight will inevitably lead to insufficient muscle mass and quality, so that people will be prone to problems such as hunched over, bloated waist, flat chest and lower hips, and sagging skin, and these problems are not just by reducing fat. To change, the face and body must be shaped by increasing muscles.

Second, if you don’t exercise to lose weight, your body’s muscles are insufficient, and your body is also easy to get fat. Because muscles have mitochondria that can burn fat, there are fewer muscles, mitochondria, the "fat burning field", unless you strictly control Stop it, otherwise, if you eat a little more, it will immediately become entangled in fat.

Through the above, in short, we must combine exercise to lose weight. Only exercise can ensure muscles, and muscles can help us shape upright and tighten the lines. Otherwise, we will fall into why you have become thinner, which is still very ugly. Strange circle.

  How to exercise to lose weight?
   Exercise weight loss is also very particular, not that we can just go out and run three laps, or walk 10,000 steps to lose weight. Exercise to lose weight requires scientific and planned progress.

   1. If you want to lose weight, you must exercise for 30 minutes each time

   Just as Xu Meida’s doctor told Xu Meida above, each exercise must take more than 30 minutes. Why?

   Fat is one of the three major substances that constitute the human energy system. It must be consumed in the body after more than half an hour of continuous exercise, while carbohydrates start to be consumed after 15 minutes of exercise.

   This means that the longer we continue to exercise, the more fat we burn. And every time we finish exercise, the body's basal metabolism will continue to rise for 24 hours. At this time, with the aid of a diet plan, the excess fat in the body can be effectively burned.

   2. Three-pronged exercise for weight loss

   When we choose exercise to lose weight, we must make it clear that any exercise can lose weight. Different forms of exercise are nothing more than a question of the efficiency of weight loss.

   In the book "Ayurvedic Therapy", Michel S. Fantine proposed:

  To perfect your exercise, you must include three parts: cardiopulmonary exercise, strength or resistance training, and flexibility exercises. Many fitness programs include at least two of them.

   Therefore, we want to lose health, thin and beautiful, it is best to combine these three sports at the same time. Of course, this is not to say that we need to invest 1.5 hours of exercise every day, 30 minutes of cardiopulmonary exercise, 30 minutes of strength training, and 30 minutes of flexibility exercises.

   We can work out a suitable exercise plan based on the actual situation of our body. For example, if we decide to exercise 5 days a week, we can make an exercise plan like this.

   Monday: Do yoga for 60 minutes (flexibility and strength).

  Wednesday and Thursday: walk or jog for 45 minutes, wear heart rate monitoring equipment (aerobic).

   Friday: Go to the gym for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, then 30 minutes of strength exercises (aerobic and strength).

   Saturday: Do aerobics (aerobic).

   1. Cardiopulmonary exercise

   also refers to aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is generally our first choice for exercise, because it is the easiest to perform.

   There are many ways of continuous aerobic exercise, such as walking, brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, elliptical training, rowing machine training, and aerobics with a stable intensity.

Healthy weight loss

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