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Lose weight, pay attention to diet and exercise

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The process of our slowly getting fat is absolutely inseparable from our mouth. Usually we can’t control our mouths and let us take in more nutrients. If these nutrients are not consumed, they will be converted into fat. Accumulate in our body;

On the contrary, if we consume more energy than we consume, it will cause us to consume these fats, so we can change our diet, eat less fat-rich foods, and choose other nutrients instead, such as sugar. Class, protein. And we can have a "cheating meal", and this "cheating meal" is not a simple diet, but by deceiving our intestines and stomach, let us have a sense of fullness, thereby reducing eating, this method will be explained in the following content.

  Second, drink plenty of water
Water is the source of our life. Why is it so important? Not only because 70% of our body is made up of water, but it also helps us lose weight very well. Why is that? Let me give you some details. Explain in detail.

   1. Drink water before meals

Drinking water before meals can make us a good "deceptive meal", because if we drink water before eating, part of our intestines and stomach will be occupied by water, so we will eat less than usual during meals. And drinking water before meals can make our intestines and stomach enter the state in advance, so that our body can digest food better and consume it better.

  2, drink water after exercise

   After exercise, we will lose more water and electrolytes. Drinking water can not only replenish water, but also replenish the electrolytes lost in our body, so that we can recover faster after exercise and make our exercise more effective.

   3. Insist on aerobic exercise four times a week
In order to lose weight to be "sustainable", then the persistence of exercise is essential, because exercise is the most direct way for us to lose weight, so we need to insist on exercise and fitness, we need to ensure that we do it four times a week Aerobic exercise, so that our exercise volume can maintain a relatively high level, and aerobic exercise can well improve our metabolic capacity, allow us to easily consume body fat, and allow us to effectively and sustainably lose weight. Now I recommend two aerobic exercise methods to help us lose weight easily.

  1, running

   This type of exercise is most suitable for student parties. There is enough time to go to the playground for running every day, which not only exercises the body and mind, breathes fresh air, but also helps us lose weight. You can run 3 kilometers a day, so that we can ensure that our exercise volume reaches a relatively high level.

  2, Bobby Jump

Poppy Jump is suitable for office workers. After a busy day every day and there is no way to go out, we can choose to train indoors, while Poppy Jump is an all-around aerobic exercise that can effectively exercise our whole body. Let the fat of our whole body follow the swing, and finally get rid of the thick fat.

Conclusion: If we want our Weight loss process to be "sustainable," then we need to pay attention to the combination of diet and exercise. Paying attention to diet can prevent us from gaining weight further, and also help us develop a physique that is easy to lose weight, plus hard work. We must be able to lose weight easily and quickly.

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