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Pay attention to these 3 diets during weight loss

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Regarding Weight loss, first confirm two principles with everyone. The first principle is that Weight loss is not a confrontation with food. Losing weight does not mean that you can only be vegetarian. It is definitely not about turning everyone into ascetics in order to lose weight. Rather, through reasonable nutritional collocation, everyone can harvest health while also harvesting the joy of life that delicious food brings to us.

   The second principle is not to lose weight blindly.

   Many female friends now believe in getting thinner and more beautiful. Some people are not fat or even slim, but they still insist on being vegetarian, dieting, and losing weight. This is a misjudgment of their own weight. If things go on like this, it can easily lead to malnutrition and even anorexia.

   Not only that, because the relationship between body mass index BMI and death and complications is a U-shaped curve. When the weight is very light, blindly lose weight, which may lead to an increase in mortality. Therefore, the body is maintained in the most reasonable range, and the health of the heart can be best protected.

   Specifically, obese patients should pay attention to three dietary points:

   1. Pay attention to the order of eating.

   The eating order of obese people should follow: water (vegetable soup)-vegetables-soy products-a small amount of meat-staple food.

   You can drink 200ml of warm plain water or some light vegetable soup half an hour before a meal. Once a person's stomach is enlarged by water, it will produce a sense of fullness, which helps to reduce food intake. Be careful not to drink too much, so as not to affect digestion.

   In addition, please pay special attention to drinking it when you lose weight. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden, and sugary drinks are also not acceptable. Harvard University's research results show that drinking a bottle of Coke every day can gain 20 pounds of fat 365 days a year.

  What to drink? Plain water, mineral water, or light tea are all fine.

   2. Appropriately reduce the amount of staple food.

   Obese patients should reduce their staple foods, and reduce their consumption by about one-third compared to the past. However, it should be noted that reducing the amount of staple food does not mean "the less the staple food, the better" or even "there is no better", completely skipping the staple food will cause the precious protein in the body to be burned as "firewood".

   Also pay attention to the thickness of the staple food, coarse grains can account for half of the total food. Coarse grains can increase gastrointestinal fullness and help reduce food intake.

   3. Learn to be "picky eaters".

   A large number of surveys have shown that the snacks that many people eat at will even exceed the energy intake of the meal.

   When you lose weight, you can eat smaller meals, and your appetite will be filled relatively easily. In addition, learn to be picky eaters.

   High-sugar and high-oil foods. Don't eat fried foods. Pick foods that have low energy density and can produce satiety, such as konjac.

   Therefore, it is recommended that everyone can go on a small diet, such as reducing the staple food by 30%; cooperate with active physical exercise, such as 1 hour of exercise a day; eat more vegetables, eat 500-750 grams of raw weight per day, and eat less high-calorie foods. Persevering in this way will have a good effect, and the rebound probability is small.

  Finally, I will provide you with a weight loss recipe with a total energy of about 1400kcal as a reference:

  Breakfast (7:00)

   1 slice of whole wheat bread (25g), 1 boiled egg (50g, you can lay the egg in the soup), winter melon and oyster mushroom soup (100g winter melon, 50g oyster mushroom, coriander, a little seaweed)

   Extra meal (9:30)

   1 orange (250g)

  Lunch (12:00)

   Multi-grain rice (white rice plus black rice and other coarse grains total 75 grams, raw weight), chicken shredded tofu and stir-fried cabbage (50 grams of chicken breast, 70 grams of northern tofu, 150 grams of cabbage), cucumber (100 grams)

   Extra meal (15:00)

   skimmed milk (300g), almonds (10g)

   Dinner (18:00)

   Tomato Long Liyu Noodles (200 grams of tomato, 75 grams of flour, 50 grams of Long Li fish)

   15g all-day oil, 4g all-day cooking salt

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