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Losing weight is often "out of control", what should I do?

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Recently, a little girl told me that she especially wanted to lose 20 pounds, but she often "can't control her mouth" and it would be painful to think of controlling her diet. What should I do?

   My conversation with her is as follows:

  She: I want to lose weight too much, but when I think of the strict and demanding diets before, I will resist. I often "cannot control my mouth" but want to lose weight. (She used to find "professionals" and customized strict Weight loss recipes)

  Me: When you first lost weight, you were controlled too harshly. This can be regarded as a psychological "sequelae".

  She: Oh, yes, it's too difficult to heal psychologically.

  Me: Beautiful women want to be thin, and rationally tell you that you need to control your diet to be thin. But you also dislike the strict diet control check-in, and you often "cannot control your mouth". Now your heart is twisted...

   Her: Yes, the teacher summed it up too right, so what should I do?

  Me: Everyone thinks that a good strategy is to set a strategic goal and then do "target decomposition".

   For example, lose weight.

   First set a target weight for myself. For example, I want to lose 20 pounds, and then break it down into small goals. I want to lose 5 pounds every month and achieve the goal in 4 months. I am very good, I will succeed, and I will not be disappointed in myself.

   How can you lose 5 catties a month? You think of calories, carbs, fat and protein.

   I want to control calories, control carbohydrate, control fat, and increase protein. I have full control, and I can't relax in any place, so I can achieve the goal. Then start to execute, and you will find that the operation of the real world is often incompatible with your plan.

Occasionally work overtime, occasionally get busy, occasionally become lazy, you feel that you have eaten too much for a meal, or you have been out of plan for the whole day, out of your dietary arrangements, and then you are easy to abandon yourself, break the jar, and love it. how.

   In the end, total control led to a total collapse...

   You are back to the original point, you feel that you are a failure, and you are disappointed in yourself.

   But, have we ever thought that the way we achieve our strategic goals from the beginning is problematic. Achieving strategic goals is not the only way to do "target decomposition".

   There is another way to achieve strategic goals: first accept all the difficulties and limitations in real life. Then focus resources-optimize a "key node" in the strategic goal. (This is a sharing I saw on a knowledge platform, and I was very inspired.)

   Speaking of losing weight, I know that I am busy at work and occasionally break away from the diet. I know that when I'm lazy, I don't want to cook. I know that I am greedy occasionally and will eat and drink. I have accepted all of these. These are not failures. They are part of the real Weight loss. I don't want to wrestle with myself. I use my limited energy to optimize a "key point" in weight loss.

   We all know that obesity is caused by excess energy. There are only three energy-generating nutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

   If we want to lose weight, we must control carbohydrate, control fat, and increase protein.

   But weight loss in real life, let me control carbohydrate, control fat, this may be a bit difficult. Because when I get busy, I can eat spicy spicy soup, bridge rice noodles, and hamburgers.

   What should I do? There is a way.

   Then I will use all my strength and a small amount of self-control to ensure enough "protein" this key node.

  What should I do specifically? Remember, no matter what I am busy, I will ensure my daily intake of "high-quality protein". (Take the girl in this article as an example, she needs to consume about 65 grams of protein a day.)

   Early: 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites + 220ml low-fat milk

   Noon: 100 grams of meat (you can eat red meat)

   3 pm extra meal: 250ml skimmed milk

   night: 100 grams of tofu (or 20 grams of protein powder) + 50 grams of meat (white meat can be eaten)

   Three meals a day, these high-quality protein-rich foods must be eaten, and they must be eaten first. Then eat vegetables and staple foods. You can be more relaxed about your intake of other foods, and you can eat 8 minutes full as a whole.

   For foods like meat and protein powder, you can go to shopping platforms and buy ready-made ones. Many things, as long as you want to do it, you can definitely do it.

   Also, during the day, if you feel a little hungry, you can eat three additional foods: soy milk, egg whites and chicken breast.

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