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Weight loss recipes Daquan egg cucumber weight loss method

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Healthy Weight loss is a goal that every dieter hopes to achieve. To have a slim figure, you should treat it in an appropriate way. Don't worry too much. Dieting, weight-loss drugs and other weight-loss methods have been passed one after another, and eventually hurt your body. The ideal of Weight loss is not only reduced to ashes, but health is also compromised. Therefore, weight loss must be healthy and safe, and choose the right method for yourself.

   As the saying goes, “If you don’t lose weight in spring, you will be sad in summer”. If you miss the time to lose weight in the spring, take advantage of the vigorous summer of fruits and vegetables, and quickly make another weight loss plan. When it comes to weight loss, we have to talk about the same good product for weight loss, beauty, and health preservation-cucumber.

  Yes, cucumber flesh is crisp, sweet and juicy. It is not only delicious on the table, but also contains gums, fruit acids and biologically active enzymes, which can promote human metabolism, treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies, and achieve beauty effects. At the same time, it has the functions of clearing heat and diuresis and preventing constipation. Eating cucumber regularly has great benefits in preventing coronary heart disease. The malonic acid contained in fresh cucumbers can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

   Put aside the health-preserving effects of cucumbers. For female friends who love beauty, the beauty and weight-loss effects of cucumbers are the topics that female friends are most concerned about. And how to eat cucumber to lose weight? How to use cucumber to achieve the effect of beauty? Then you might as well continue to look down.

   Weight loss is a topic that women pay most attention to in summer. MMs who want to lose weight by recipes pay attention. Today, the editor recommends a magical cucumber and egg weight loss method for you, which is nutritious and slim. It will help you witness the miracle of losing 10 pounds a week.

   Three meals a week recipe:
   Breakfast: 1 egg (can be tea eggs) + 1 cucumber

   Chinese food: 1 egg (can be tea eggs) + 1 cucumber (can be mixed vegetables)

  Dinner: 1~2 cucumbers or cucumber mixed vegetables

  The principle of cucumber weight loss
  Modern pharmacological research believes that fresh cucumbers also contain dipropylene acid, which can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat. Cucumber also contains cellulose, which has a certain effect on promoting intestinal peristalsis, accelerating excretion and lowering cholesterol. Cucumber has very low calories and is an ideal food therapy vegetable for high blood pressure, high blood fat and diabetes with obesity.

   Cucumber and egg weight loss method is to insist on using cucumber and egg as the main food every day within one month. Because cucumbers and eggs are very weight-loss ingredients in weight-loss recipes, no matter how you eat them, they will not get fat.

  The principle of egg weight loss
  1: Egg yolk contains lecithin, which is an emulsifier that can emulsify fat and cholesterol into very small particles, which can be used by the body after being removed from the blood vessels.

   Two: Eggs can increase the high-density lipoprotein in the blood and protect the blood vessels from hardening. From this it seems that the egg weight loss method is scientifically based, and it is also a practical weight loss method that is effective through practice.

  The rebound of egg and cucumber weight loss:
1. Eggs contain most of the elements needed by the human body, especially rich in protein. A high-protein diet can enhance the secretion of glucagon, but lack of carbohydrates, lower blood sugar, and also promote the secretion of glucagon, leading to promotion Fat breakdown, this is the true principle of egg weight loss.

   2. Cucumbers are very low in calories, and the calories consumed by eating eggs are not enough to support the daily expenditure of the human body. At this time, the human body must mobilize fat, and protein just promotes this process.

  3. Eggs and cucumbers lose weight because the stomach and intestines do not get a complete rest, so the stomach and intestine diet preferences have not changed. This is a deficiency compared with bigu weight loss. After the weight loss period is over, it is easy to rebound, but the speed is relatively slow.

4. Because this is pure fat burning, the weight loss effect is good, the rebound speed is slow, but after weight loss, it will cause skin relaxation, which is also the gap with the bigu weight loss, but besides modern bigu, the implementation of bigu is more difficult, and the egg weight loss is simple and easy. Row.

   5. Because the energy of fat is very high, it can produce 900 kcal of energy per 100 grams. In the case of eggs to lose weight, it is normal to burn 150-300 grams of fat every day. Excessive weight loss is not the cause of fat burning, but may be caused by dehydration and gastrointestinal emptying.

   Cucumber and egg weight loss method: The key to implementing a one-month weight loss method is to eat only cucumber and eggs in the first week. From the second week, you can eat some cooked vegetables and meat, but after 4 pm, you can only eat cucumbers and eggs.

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