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Is drinking tea and weight loss tea beneficial to weight loss?

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Drinking tea can help you lose weight. There is a certain theoretical basis for this.

   Especially our country is divided into black tea series, green tea series and scented tea series. We mainly deal in black tea and green tea series. Some of the effective tea polyphenols contained in it help reduce body fat, blood lipids and cholesterol. So it helps to lose weight, so it does just that. Of course, as the tea culture itself, in the process of drinking tea, we ordinary people call it Xiaoyou. In fact, it is to reduce the absorption of some fat, because you need more time to drink tea, which reduces the time to eat meat. So in this sense, it is also helpful.

   But tea is different from slimming tea. Slimming tea only refers to some Weight loss ingredients extracted from tea. It adds some possible plant extracts to lose weight, hoping to lose weight. But this kind of food is unique. You said that I can lose weight by drinking two cups of tea in one bag, because it is not the only one that besides adding some prohibited ingredients, it also emphasizes that you should eat less, so this effect is often not obvious for Weight loss. The role of.

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