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Can the fruit diet really lose weight?

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When it comes to fruits, everyone thinks that fruits are rich in nutrients and are very healthy foods. Because of this, some friends believe that eating fruits can help you lose weight. But is the fruit really as perfect as everyone thinks? Let's look down together.

   The nutrients in fruits, except for some vitamins and minerals, are mostly sugar. These sugars are mainly glucose and fructose.

  Glucose is familiar to everyone, but fructose is different. Don’t look at the name fructose, but it’s a hidden "bad guy"! Fructose is a simple sugar. Although it does not cause a large blood sugar fluctuation like glucose, its metabolism is mainly in the liver. This will put an extra burden on the liver.

   Once too much fructose enters the liver, the liver will convert it into triglycerides, which will remain in the liver in the form of lipid droplets to form fatty liver. This is one of the reasons why many people do not drink alcohol, but still get fatty liver.

   When fructose is metabolized, the final products are triglycerides, uric acid and free radicals. The impact of these three products on human health is very unfavorable. Triglycerides are a type of fat that exists in the blood. It can cause insulin resistance in the brain, cause memory loss, and accelerate brain tissue degradation.

  Uric acid is a kind of human waste, it will increase the pressure level of free radicals in the body, and high uric acid level is also related to gout, high blood pressure and kidney disease. After talking about the fructose in fruits, let's talk about the sugar content of common fruits. I believe you will have a clearer understanding after reading it.

   You know, the reason why fruits are so delicious and sweet is because of the high sugar content in fruits. Below I have listed the sugar content of some fruits that I usually eat.

   The sugar content of a bottle of Coke is approximately equal to 7 sugar cubes, and the sugar content of a banana can have 4.5 sugar cubes. Unexpectedly, fruits that are usually healthy and not very sweet have such a high sugar content.

  In other words, 1.5 bananas can be worth the sugar content of a bottle of Coke. In fact, it doesn't stop there. Many fruits in life are also super high in sugar. So if you want to lose weight by eating fruits, I really worry that you might get fatter the more you eat...

   This is more than just talking, let’s take a look at the results of the following scientific experiment!

   The eating habits of most people in China consume a lot of refined rice noodles (refined carbon water) during meals, and eat a lot of fruits as desserts after meals. Not only after a meal, but also to eat a little when there is nothing to do.

   Everyone knows that carbohydrates are the real culprit that causes obesity...

   1. Fruit Weight loss method will only increase weight
   A foreign experimental study in 2015 showed that long-term intake of fructose will not only increase weight, but also cause other health problems.

In the    experiment, mice were randomly assigned to two experimental groups, one group was fed a diet supplemented with fructose, and the other group was fed a diet supplemented with glucose.

   After 11 weeks of experimental observation, the researchers found that the body weight of the two groups of animals continued to increase.

  Moreover, the body weight of the mice in the fructose group is much more important than that in the glucose group, and the weight difference between the two is getting bigger and bigger.

   Researchers also found that the visceral fat of the mice changed significantly. The liver masses of the mice in the fructose group were 20% heavier than the mice in the glucose group, and the fat pads in the fructose group were 69% heavier than those in the glucose group.

  In other words, after long-term intake of fructose, you not only gain weight, but also your internal organs are surrounded by invisible fat. Excessive visceral fat not only gives you a big belly, but also affects the normal functioning of your internal organs. The most typical case is fatty liver.

  Moreover, excessive fat can also cause insulin resistance, induce brain disease, cause memory and cognitive function decline, and so on. And this is the most terrible thing. So, fruits contain so much sugar, they will only increase weight and cause various diseases. I think everyone has the answer in their hearts. Next, let's take a look at the following sugar-breaking experiment.

   2. A one-month experimental documentary of quitting sugar
   Xinhua News Agency once published an article "A Dutch guy quit sugar for a month and his body became healthy", telling the story of a Dutch guy Sacha who lost weight through sugar break. At the beginning of the experiment, Sacha performed a physical examination and recorded various data about the body, and then started a one-month experiment to abstain from sugar and lose weight.

   One month later, by examining the various data of the body, it was found that Sacha lost 9 kg through the sugar withdrawal experiment within a month, and the cholesterol level and blood pressure in the body were reduced. He not only succeeded in losing weight, but also made his body healthier and healthier!

   So the most important way to lose weight is to reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates and abstain from sugar, instead of just relying on eating fruits to lose weight.

   In fact, except for fruits, other processed foods are not recommended for everyone, because there are too many additives in them, and as long as the fruit is dried, its sugar content will be many times higher than that of fruit.

   So try to eat whole fruits instead of these deeply processed fruit products. Although fruits are rich in nutrients, fructose, which accounts for most of them, can cause a health crisis. People tend to ignore the problem of fructose from fruit because the fruit is delicious.

   So even if you want to eat fruit, you must control the amount to avoid the harm caused by unnecessary high sugar. People like to compare fruits and vegetables very much. They only eat fruits, not vegetables, or fat and protein. They think this can also achieve a balanced nutrition.

   But the result is often only a burden on your body, fatty liver, gout, obesity and diabetes will follow. Therefore, whether to lose weight or to be healthy, it is recommended that you eat good fresh vegetables and fruits, but also remember to take in high-quality oil and protein~

   What's more, the rumors circulating on the Internet are beyond belief. You must keep your eyes open and don't be fooled.

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