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How to lose weight scientifically is more effective?

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Today, Mr. Mu Zi will publish an article about Weight loss. [Love] I often make some cognitive explanations of Weight loss misunderstandings in the circle of friends, but I still find that 9 out of 10 customers need to lose fat. They are still at a loss. They will lose their correct judgment in the face of the dazzling selection of weight-loss products on the market and different ways to reduce fat. This is also normal, because most products on the market exaggerate the effect and never talk about the principle of fat loss. What? What are the ingredients of the product? What are the main effects? Is the brand distributor or legal person for self-use? Is the manufacturer legally compliant? Is there any side effects in the import? Is it food grade? Is there a test report? Is the fat reduction method scientific? ? Will it rebound after stopping? Do you need to diet? Do you need to control water? Does it lose muscle? Do you have to exercise vigorously? Is the fat loss method easy to adhere to? Is the fat loss cycle scientific? ... So many question marks, are you? Don’t you think it’s just a weight loss, why do you want to know so much [question]

In fact, fat reduction is a work involved in the functioning of the body. It is not just about losing fat and getting thinner. [Hug] What we need to consider must be comprehensive. If we don’t consider it thoroughly, it will be because of inappropriate choices. Fat reduction methods can damage basic metabolism, damage gastrointestinal function, cause liver and kidney function, and even cause malnutrition, anorexia, muscle atrophy, endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, infertility, and other serious problems.


Fat may seem very annoying, but it is an indispensable part of our human body. It cannot be completely blocked but cannot be absorbed completely. These are two extremes. While reducing fat, we must also ensure normal fat intake. In this way, our skin tissue will be full and shiny, and the body will be vigorous [Love]

   Today I will not make any comparisons of products, or make judgments and analyses, but I will teach you a few essential common sense. After you learn, you will have at least one reference value when choosing fat-reducing products in the future [Hug]


  1: The correct way to reduce fat, whether it is imported or applied externally, cannot control water: because water is an important element involved in the basic metabolism of the human body, as long as any method of fat reduction is to control water, it is not fat but water that is lost. ️


2: Fat reduction can not cut off carbohydrate: Carbohydrate is also one of the 7 major nutrients our human body needs. Although you can lose weight quickly if you don't take in carbohydrate during fat reduction, can you not eat carbohydrate for a lifetime after fat loss? A return to a normal diet will inevitably rebound.


3: Fat reduction can’t avoid eating meat: Many fat-reduction institutions allow customers to eat grass instead of meat during the period of fat-reduction. Just imagine a person who only eats vegetarian food and does not eat meat. What is lost? Muscles do not take up space. But taking up the volume, it seems that the weight loss is good, but the fat is still in [hug]


4: During the period of fat loss, the daily exercise that can be maintained for a long time with the appropriate amount every day: exercise can speed up our metabolism, but everything has a degree, can not be excessively strenuous exercise, exercise can increase muscle well in a short period of time Sculpting, imagine that we can persist like this for a lifetime? Muscles also have memory. Once you stop exercising, muscle memory fades, your body will grow fat wildly, so we should not exercise too vigorously. Daily exercise is enough.


  5: Safety must be the first priority for imported topical products: I won't say more about this. Food grade must have a food test report. Seeing is believing, and don't listen to the businessmen's words.

I won’t list the other details one by one. You can compare it yourself. Today’s sharing is over. There is a lot to say, and I can’t explain them one by one. I hope you understand, and friends who are passing by can keep enough. Take a look, if you don’t understand, you can send a private message to me [kiss] I will also give you the most sincere professional advice, hoping to help you not to step on the thunder

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