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Weight loss recipes

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If you want to lose weight, you can’t get rid of your daily eating habits and eat healthy to help you lose weight. Below we introduce three ways to lose weight for friends, you can lose 3-5 kg ​​in about 7 days.

   total liquid weightlessness method
  1 Drinking water, skimmed milk or fresh fruit juice without additives every day. Using this liquid food can reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach, and the cellulose in the juice can promote bowel movements.

   2 Milk should be guaranteed to drink at least two cups a day. It is best not to drink alcohol before getting up in the morning, as this can cause diarrhea. There are no special restrictions on water and juice. According to one's own needs, it is mainly to replace the staple food with liquid.

   3. If you feel hungry, you can add some peeled chicken soup to your meals to ensure your body’s nutritional needs.

   skim milk diet
   only two days at a time. On the 3rd and 4th day, the normal diet was restored, and the normal diet was restored after 2 days. Generally speaking, the thin belly effect can be seen in the first cycle. If you repeat two or three cycles, the effect will be more stable.

  first day

   Apple 1 kg. On this day, you can only eat apples all day, nothing. Wash the apples when you eat them, and then take a bite slowly.

  the next day

  1000ml of yogurt or skimmed milk, divided into 67 equal portions, one portion each. Drink milk all day, not eating anything else, and use milk instead of water when you are thirsty. You can drink milk and yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the amount.

   If you have reached your ideal weight, you can use this method again. There is no water in the middle. It is impossible to mix apples and milk together, and they must be eaten separately for it to work.

   We cannot drink water, because if we drink water during Weight loss, the body must first consume the water we eat, not the water in the body. Eating apples reduces water content for a day, and basically reduces body water. Drinking milk for a day reduces water content and almost reduces fat.

   Sugar-free diet
   Food to eat: Meat includes cattle, sheep, chicken, duck, pig, pigeon, turkey, fat and lean. All kinds of eggs, fish and shrimps can be used (shellfish, no snails). Milk includes cream, cheese, butter and other oils (except milk). Drinks: unlimited drinking water, various soups. Tea, sugar-free soda water. Sugar-free coffee with lemon juice (except orange juice). Vegetables and fruits: bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, kalan, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach. Ingredients: Except sugar.

   Warm reminder: The above methods are only for emergency use by the body. Due to diet, low-calorie and other reasons, muscles atrophy and easy to rebound. Not suitable for long-term Weight loss.

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