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Weight loss recipes to lose weight in a week

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For female friends who love beauty, a little bit of body fat can't stand it, especially recently there are some important wedding events that need to wear evening dresses. Then maybe in the first half of next month, they will make up their minds to lose weight. Many people will go on a diet. Help lose weight. How to plan the 21-day diet? How to eat to lose weight to be effective? Let us know more!

  For the 21-day diet problem, it is difficult for us to have a different diet every day. Generally speaking, in the 21-day diet cycle, it can be divided into three stages. Just change the diet according to the progress of the stage. The following are the three stages of the 21-day diet:

  The first stage: Generally speaking, in order to lose weight significantly, the first three days belong to the detox stage. First of all, we need to consume toxins and fats in the body, and then we may have the effect of Weight loss. Therefore, during these three days, it is recommended to drink warm water or honey water to eliminate all staple foods. If you really feel hungry, you can eat some low-calorie fruits.

   Second stage: This stage lasts for about 8 days and belongs to the cellulite stage. When fasting staple foods and sweets, you can eat cooked vegetables and fruits, such as a cup of black card with half a slice of apple for breakfast; fried vegetables with mushrooms and boiled eggs at noon; cold spinach at night, etc.

  The third stage: At this stage, you can eat normally, but pay attention to eating 60% full, and try to control your calorie intake. You can eat steamed egg soup in the morning, a small amount of rice at noon, with steamed fish, boiled cauliflower, etc.; in the evening, you can drink a small bowl of millet porridge, with a moderate amount of cold bamboo shoots.

   The above is about how to arrange the 21-day diet. Dieting is indeed a very painful process and requires great perseverance to stick to it. In addition, in order to avoid harm to the body, it is recommended to eat under the guidance of a professional Weight loss coach.

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