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Weight loss recipe for a week

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What's the difference between losing weight or not? It's just that you change from eating with confidence to eating with trepidation. Let's lose weight, the faster you lose, the faster you rebound, and the slower you lose, the faster you give up. What you need to lose weight is superhuman endurance. I am not a superman, so Weight loss is fine.

   The worst deal: the meat piled up with money, it takes time to reduce it. Eat more whatever you want, maybe someday in your life. . . . . . I suddenly wanted to lose weight. Buddhism diet method: eat and drink every day, if fate comes, you will lose weight!

   There are usually two types of Weight loss, one for health and the other for beauty. Say you are healthy. Your weight loss method itself is very unhealthy. Say you are for beauty, but you are not ugly because you are fat. You may not lose weight if you lose weight, but you can lose weight if you are broken in love! However, it is better to lose weight.

   If exercise is not for eating more food, it is meaningless. Weight loss? It doesn't exist, and it's not that you can't afford it! Why is the fat fat? You tell her that Mala Tang is carcinogenic, and she eats it. You tell her that spicy strips are deadly, and she will eat them. But when you talk to her about losing weight, she is actually afraid of side effects. "After you make up your mind to start losing weight, what do you think is the hardest part?" You used to eat without scruple and happily, but now you have to eat with a sense of guilt.

  My weight loss recipe, you can learn from it:

   breakfast: soy milk + apple

  Lunch: Salad + Cucumber

   Dinner: no food or water

Supper: big meat skewers crayfish barbecue big pizza beef noodles roast duck boiled fish small stir-fried pork boiled pork slices pot meat sweet and sour tenderloin twice-cooked pork braised pork moss pork plum pickled pork sweet and sour pork ribs sauce beef large plate chicken spicy chicken mouth water chicken feathers Wangshui Boiled fish, grilled fish, spicy black fish, fried crucian carp, grass fish, stewed loach, chopped pepper fish head, seafood lump soup, eggplant, fried shrimp, fried sausage, hot pot, egg, spicy strip pancake, black forest mousse cake biscuit durian crisp mango watermelon nectarine grape...

   I hope there is someone who can make me think about the night and night, do not think about food, sleep and eat, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight...

   I wanted to have a bite, but I ate for one night; I wanted to go for a night run, but I came across a barbecue.

   As the saying goes, you don’t lose weight in spring, but it’s a sorrow in summer. I would like to give my sisters a few tips to lose weight:

   1. exercise to lose weight. This method of weight loss is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires tenacious perseverance. It is difficult for ordinary people to succeed.

  2. Diet to lose weight. This method is not effective for eating goods, and it is not effective for women who drink cold water to grow fat.

  3, liposuction to lose weight, this method is too risky, and it will leave scars and cost a lot.

  4. Marry a poor ghost. This method can lose weight without pain and does not require perseverance. However, the mood is depressed, which is not conducive to health.

   Conclusion: If there is no suitable weight loss method for you, just accept your fate and be fat!

   Fatty said: From tomorrow I will lose weight!

   I wondered: Why did you suddenly make up your mind?

   Fatty: Hey, I have a new girlfriend!

   Me: She made you lose weight?

   Fatty: That's not the case, but as she says in the instructions, she can only bear 150 kg!

   The only career a woman can do for a lifetime is to lose weight. There are many benefits of losing weight: you can change clothes for a small reduction, and you can change a husband for a big reduction. This girl, I always rely on sleep for beauty and colds for weight loss. Going to weigh, I gained two pounds! I posted a dynamic "Lose weight, come on!" My girlfriend commented: "Are you scaring the fat on your body again? Talk to a friend about weight loss, this foodie immediately replied: Why do you want to lose weight? , I’m like this, it’s because I finally eat it one bite at a time, neither stealing nor grabbing, why should I reduce it. I said, let’s not get fat so arrogantly, okay? We spend so much money and eat so much better. The flesh that grows out of things, why should we lose it?

Healthy weight loss

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