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How to lose weight quickly and what are the fastest ways to lose weight

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How to lose weight quickly and what are the fastest ways to lose weight

   Legs are a big sight in summer. What are the fastest ways to thin legs? What are the tips for stovepipe before going to bed? For this reason, the editor has collected and sorted out relevant information and materials. If you want to know, let's take a look!

  Horse marching

   The legs are spread out, the stride between the feet is slightly larger than the width of the shoulders, the upper body is straight, the abdomen is retracted, the chest is raised, the shoulders are lowered, and the hands are on hips. Bend the left and right knees to both sides, and squat down the hips vertically, with the thighs and calves at 90 degrees. Maintain the posture and balance of the upper and lower legs and upper body, stand on tiptoe with your heels off the ground for 5 seconds, repeat 5 times.

   madly pedaling the sky bike

   This local stovepipe exercise is very effective, just do it in bed for a few minutes before going to bed at night. Lie on your back, raise your feet, and pedal your feet in a bicycle-like manner. Do 200 to 300 strokes a day. After you finish, spread your legs about 80 degrees, and you will have 80 strokes in total. This method is very effective for removing the meat from the roots of the thighs!

   Tips for stovepipe before going to bed

   massage thigh

   Alternate hands along the inside and outside, massage from the ankle to the base of the thigh, repeat this movement 30 times for each of the left and right legs. Squeeze the fat on the thighs with both hands like twisting a towel, repeat this action 30 times for each of the left and right legs. Alternately pat the fat on the thigh with both hands, repeat this action 30 times on each of the left and right legs, until the thighs feel sore.

   massage calf

   Alternately massage the calf from the ankle from the bottom up to the knee with both hands. Repeat this action 30 times for each of the left and right legs. Use your fingertips to gently stretch the inner side of the calf and knead it 30 times from top to bottom. The strength can be slightly greater. The outer side of the calf is also pinched a few times. Repeat this movement with the left and right legs.

   student stovepipe method

1. Alternate movement of the legs: First, we raise our upper body up and our chest, and make sure not to lean against the back of the chair. Then our left leg is naturally vertical, and the right foot is raised parallel to the ground, and then up and down, left and right. Turn your toes, and when you turn for 2 to 3 minutes, change your left leg, and then swap left and right.

  2, lightly pinch the legs: sitting on the chair 1/3 out, legs hanging down on the ground. Lift the left leg slightly upwards, gently knead the leg with both hands until the leg; slightly red and hot, then switch to the right leg for kneading exercises, alternating and repeated kneading exercises can make the fat accumulated in the legs Quickly collapse, let the legs become more slender and slender, so as to train beautiful legs.

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