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Recommend five fruit weight loss recipes

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How can you eat weight-loss fruits? Common fruits that can help you lose weight include apples, bananas, grapefruits and so on. Generally speaking, people eat directly or make fruit salads. In fact, fruits are much more than just these ways of eating. How can I eat weight-loss fruits? I recommend five fruit weight-loss recipes for you. Try it now!

   1. Lemon-lemon onion shreds
   Efficacy: Lemon can eliminate impurities in the body and play a detoxification effect; at the same time, it helps to consume the fat accumulated in the body to achieve the effect of slimming and Weight loss.

   Ingredients: lemon, onion, fish sauce and salt each

Method: Peel and shred the onion, put it in a clean fresh-keeping bag, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and shake it evenly; pour the shredded onion into the plate, pour an appropriate amount of fish sauce and stir evenly; peel off the lemon peel thinly with a knife Cut into thin strips, cut the lemon meat in half, squeeze the lemon juice into the onion, and sprinkle the lemon shreds at the end.

   2. Watermelon-sweet and sour watermelon peel
   Efficacy: It can clear heat and relieve summer heat, promote body fluid and quench thirst, and has the effect of diuresis. Moreover, it can also promote wound healing, promote body skin metabolism, and have a certain effect on skin beautification.

   Ingredients: watermelon rind, salt, white vinegar, and sugar

Method: Wash the watermelon rind, cut off the green rind, cut into small pieces of 1 meter square, put it in a bowl, add salt, mix well and put it in for 5 minutes; filter out the water in the watermelon rind and add it to the watermelon rind Sugar and vinegar, mix well and marinate for 10 minutes.

   3. Hawthorn-Hawthorn soup
Efficacy: Hawthorn contains citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sugar and protein, carbohydrates, etc. It has the effect of lowering blood pressure and promoting gastrointestinal digestion. It can also promote intestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive glands, which is beneficial to food. Digestion and excretion of waste.

   Material: 500 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of rock sugar.

   Method: Wash the hawthorn and remove the seeds, pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add the hawthorn and cook until cooked; add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to taste.

  4. Kiwi-Kiwi Smoothie
   Efficacy: In addition to the vitamin C content that other fruits cannot match, kiwi fruit is also rich in cellulose, which can increase the speed of fat decomposition and avoid the accumulation of excessive fat in the legs.

   Ingredients: 3 kiwis, 20g of white sugar, 100ml of boiled water

   Method: Peel and dice kiwi fruit in a blender, add appropriate amount of sugar, then add appropriate amount of boiled water or purified water, stir until broken, put it in a sealed container, then put it in the refrigerator and freeze, stirring every 5 hours. If overnight, take it out in the morning and then stir again to get the ballast.

   5. Banana-Banana Yogurt
  Efficacy: Each banana only contains 80-100 kcal. Moreover, bananas make people feel full, and they are rich in calcium and vitamins, which can eliminate swelling.

   Ingredients: 2 bananas, 500ml of yogurt, appropriate amount of chocolate

  Method: Peel the banana and cut into small cubes, put half of it in a blender, pour in yogurt, and stir into a banana yogurt paste. Then put a banana in the cup, pour banana yogurt, and then use a chocolate spatula to take some chocolate chips on the chocolate and sprinkle on the banana yogurt.

   The above five fruit Weight loss recipes are not only easy to operate, but also very delicious, which will definitely do more with less.

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