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Several delicious red bean weight loss recipes

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"Use one red bean to change the weight of the whole year!" Red bean has a good Weight loss and edema effect, because red bean has high fiber, can promote defecation, increase fat burning, and speed up metabolism. Red bean Weight loss has a good effect on thin waist, thin thighs and thin arms.

   Red beans are very nutritious. There are two main reasons why it is effective in losing weight:

   1. The vitamins B1 and B2 in red beans. Protein and minerals have the effects of nourishing blood, diuresis and reducing swelling. The alkaloid component can also increase gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation.

   2. Red beans are rich in dietary fiber. After eating, they can play a good role in moisturizing the intestines, promoting detoxification, and helping to excrete wastes such as salt and fat in the body.

   One, slimming red bean ice
  【Ingredients】Red adzuki beans 200g


  1. Remove the impurities from the red adzuki beans and place them in a pan with no water and no oil and stir fry with the smallest fire.

   2. After about 15 minutes, the aroma of beans will float out and the color will darken, then turn off the heat

  3. After a little cooling, put it in a grinder and smash it into red bean flour. Take 1 to 2 spoons at a time and brew with hot water (don’t add sugar, eat the particles together)

  Second, yam and red bean cake
  [Ingredients] 200g of yam, 100g of red beans, 40g of sugar, and some cherries for decoration


   1. The yam is steamed in water, steamed until the chopsticks can be pierced, peeled and beaten into yam mud

   2. The red beans are soaked in water for 12 hours in advance and then steamed.

   3. Put water in a pot to boil, boil the sugar syrup, add red beans and stir fry until the water is dry.

   4. There is a thin layer of sugar crystals on the surface of the red beans when they are out of the pan.

   5. Mix the yam puree with the processed red beans

  6. ​​Use mold to shape, shape on plate, and embellish fruit.

   Three, red bean and barley soup
  [Ingredients] Red beans, barley, red dates, rock sugar


   1. Wash and soak red beans

   2. Wash barley and soak. The amount of barley is slightly less, because if the amount of barley is large, the soup will be lighter and harder to pick up thick.

   3. Prepare an appropriate amount of red dates and wash them.

  4. Put the red beans and barley into the braising pot, add appropriate amount of water, press the time, 4 hours.

   5. Sugar can be put first or later. I put in enough rock sugar after simmering it for about an hour and a half. Add red dates when about an hour is left.

  6. ​​When it is soft and rotten, it will be served and it will be OK. Well, it's that simple. Anyone can do it. Try it now.

   Four, red bean pancakes
  [Ingredients] 1 cup of flour red bean paste appropriate amount 1 cup of milk  an egg


   1. Mix the ingredients for the batter evenly into a batter.

   2. Spread plastic wrap on the chopping board, flatten the red bean paste on the plastic wrap and make it into a square.

  3. Heat the oil pan, pour the batter into a round shape, fry slowly over a low heat, and cook on both sides.

   4. Place the square red bean paste in the center of the round pancake.

   5. Fold the four sides of the crust inward to form a square, and fry on both sides until golden.

   6. Cut the fried pancakes from the pan.

   5. Bean Paste Jelly Lychee
  [Materials] 12 lychees   bean paste 80 grams   piping bag 1


   1. Peel the lychee and remove the core. Use a long needle to draw a circle around the core, and then turn it around to take out the core.

   2. Put the bean paste into a piping bag and squeeze it into the litchi.

  3. Put the lychees in a non-stick container, put them in the refrigerator and freeze them until they are hard, and they will have a better taste when you eat them.

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