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5 weight loss recipes

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What method do you use to lose weight? Fasting?" "Zero Starch Program"? Why don't you try to eat to lose weight? Here are five detox and Weight loss recipes: hot chrysanthemum, pumpkin soup, fried potatoes, fried bean sprouts, and grain rice. They are easy to get and learn, so they are very popular.

   Weight loss Recipe 1: Pumpkin Soup
   Ingredients: 1 pumpkin, a little ginger

Method: Steam the pumpkin in an electric pot, cut into pieces with the skin and seeds, then beat with nuts, walnuts, and cashews in a blender until thick, put them in a pot and simmer with ginger and bay leaves for about 2 hours , So that the sweetness of pumpkin is completely released.

   Weight Loss Recipe 2: Hot Chrysanthemum
   Ingredients: 50 grams of Chrysanthemum vulgare, appropriate amount of oil, and a little salt

  Method: Put the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum in the pot and add water, oil, and salt. After 1 minute, it can be picked up, otherwise the chrysanthemum may easily change color.

   Weight Loss Recipe 3: Fried Potatoes
   Ingredients: half a potato, half a slice of seaweed, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce paste

  Method: Puree the potatoes, spread seaweed slices underneath, put them in a pot, fry them on both sides over a low fire, and finally top with soy sauce paste. The exclusive sauce is made with kelp, sugar, soy sauce, and ginger.

   Weight loss recipe 4: Fried soybean sprouts
   Ingredients: 50 grams of soybean sprouts, 20 grams of carrots, 20 grams of fungus, and 20 grams of shredded ginger

   Method: Put the carrots, fungus, and ginger into the pot to fragrant, then add soybean sprouts and chili shreds and fry together, and finally sprinkle a little coriander.

   Weight Loss Recipe Five: Five Grain Rice
   Ingredients: half a bowl of brown rice, a little five-treasure powder, a little dried radish, a little salt, 1 drop of oil

  Method: After soaking the brown rice for about 2 hours in advance, add salt and oil and steam until cooked, and then sprinkle with five treasure powder and dried radish to make the rice not astringent.

   Have you learned the five weight loss recipes introduced above? Action is not as good as heartbeat, beauty is waiting for you ahead, hurry up.

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