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How to eat breakfast to lose weight

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By recognizing these wrong ways of eating, you can avoid becoming a pregnant woman. Tell you which five kinds of breakfast make you fat as soon as you eat.

Fat breakfast 1: Biscuits and fritters

Traditional MM will mostly choose Chinese-style breakfast, buy a biscuits fried dough stick and go to work. In fact, the fat content of fried dough sticks is very high, each fried dough stick has 220 calories. Biscuits and deep-fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried foods. After high-temperature frying, they absorb a lot of oil, the fat content is seriously exceeding the standard, and the nutrients are destroyed, and carcinogens are produced, so they are not suitable for long-term use.

Editor's suggestion: Chinese breakfast should not be eaten more than once a week. Breakfast must be accompanied by vegetables or fruits, and the lunch and evening meals of the day should be as light as possible. Do not eat fried, fried, or stir-fried food.

Fat breakfast 2: Western breakfast

Many OLs like to go to McDonald's and KFC to buy breakfast, such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, French fries, etc. Although delicious, the calories in a Western breakfast are much higher than those in a Chinese breakfast. The meat, chicken wings, or fries in the hamburger is extremely oily, so it’s strange if you eat it and don’t accumulate into fat. Moreover, there is only a thin slice of lettuce in the hamburger, and the vitamins provided cannot meet the body's needs at all.

Editor's suggestion: When choosing a Western-style breakfast, you should add fruit or vegetable soup to maintain a balanced nutrition and ensure the intake of various nutrients. In addition, it is best not to eat it for a long time. Deep-fried food not only exceeds the standard of fat, but also eats more can cause cancer.

Fat breakfast 3: Snack breakfast

Office workers will prepare some snacks at home or company, such as snow cakes, biscuits, chocolates, etc., in case of emergency, and even use them for breakfast. In fact, this is quite unhealthy. Snacks are mostly dry food, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption for the human body in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning. And the main raw material of snacks such as biscuits is cereals. Although it can provide energy in a short time, it will quickly make the human body feel hungry again, and the blood sugar level will drop significantly near noon. Eating snacks for breakfast can easily lead to nutritional deficiencies, a decline in physical fitness, and the invasion of germs.

Editor's suggestion: It is not advisable to replace breakfast with snacks, especially not to eat too much dry food. Choose breakfast foods with high moisture content. If there is too little water for breakfast that day, you must remember to drink an extra glass of water to make up for it.

Fat breakfast 4: Fruits, vegetable juices

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is good for intestinal cleansing and detoxification, and indeed has the effect of Weight loss. However, most of the sugars in fruits are simple sugars, which can be directly absorbed to provide energy for the body. However, the energy they can provide is limited and cannot meet the needs of morning work. Eating fruit is easy to get hungry, but it will make you eat more calories.

And some girls often just drink a glass of juice to get breakfast. In fact, even pure fresh orange juice, a cup of water squeezed from 3 oranges, has 150 calories. Moreover, if you can't eat the fiber of orange and the vitamin B in the white orange coat, the nutritional value is lower than that of fruits.

Editor's suggestion: The calories provided by fruits and juices alone cannot meet the body's needs. It is best to take in some carbohydrates to supplement enough energy, such as Chinese steamed buns, preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

Fat breakfast 5: instant noodles

Some MMs are greedy for convenience, so they rely on a cup of instant noodles to sustain the entire morning. Although instant noodles are convenient, fast and delicious, most of the instant noodles are deep-fried and have a high fat content, and the soup powder contains MSG, which is harmful to your health if you eat too much. Moreover, the dehydrated vegetables of instant noodles cannot provide vitamins and fiber, and eating too much can lead to constipation.

Editor's suggestion: Those who are greedy for instant noodles can choose instant noodles that are not fried, such as instant rice noodles, macaroni or vermicelli, and it is recommended to use sauce powder packets less. In addition, you should eat more vegetables and fruits to help eliminate stool.

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