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Massage to lose weight. Massage these acupoints to help lose weight

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Acupoint massage for Weight loss Massage these acupoints helps to lose weight

   Acupoint massage to lose weight

   is more reliable

   acupoint massage Weight loss is based on the weight loss theory of Chinese medicine, and has a relatively obvious weight loss effect, so this is a reliable method of weight loss. Its principle of weight loss is to massage the acupoints, and then stimulate the acupoints, thereby regulating the body's metabolic capacity and increasing the metabolic level, then the accumulation of fat in the body will gradually decrease, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss. In addition, acupoint massage to lose weight can also suppress excessive appetite, thereby reducing the demand for food, which is also very helpful for weight loss.

  Acupoint massage to achieve weight loss is a very good choice. For many small partners who can't reduce it, it is an effective way to promote metabolism in the body and achieve weight loss. How to do it specifically?

   massage weight loss method

   Shangwan Point

   Location: the upper part of the stomach, 5 inches above the belly button.

   Efficacy: Reduce the burden on the esophagus, protect the esophagus, and avoid eating too fast, causing food to accumulate in the stomach, causing indigestion, resulting in weight gain.

   Massage technique: Bring the index finger and middle finger together, press and rub the Shangwan acupoint in a clockwise direction for 3 minutes.

   Zhongwan Point

   Position: 4 inches above the belly button.

   Efficacy: Stimulate Zhongwan acupoints, accelerate gastric peristalsis, and improve human immunity.

   Massage technique: Bring the index finger and middle finger together, and knead it clockwise for 3 minutes.

  Xiawan point

   Location: 2 inches above the belly button.

   Efficacy: Helps to expel toxins and avoids the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen, buttocks or thighs.

  Massage technique: press with your thumb, press down firmly, let go after you feel pain, and then press again. Repeat so. Note that massage requires a certain amount of force, but don't use too much force. Press for 3~5 minutes.

   Acupoint massage is here for everyone. Everyday, many friends who love beauty start to rebound after losing weight. Why is this? Let’s take a look at what to pay attention to after losing weight.
 What to pay attention to when losing weight

   1. First of all, you must be aware of the importance and necessity of persisting in exercise, and you cannot start to be lazy and not exercise just because you lose weight.

  2, continue to diet. In the time to lose weight, I have become accustomed to dieting, and my stomach has become accustomed to this eating habit. Even if I do not read what I eat every day, I will feel full.

   Weight loss is something that you can’t give up halfway. If you lose weight, you will start overeating or not paying attention to your diet. That meaty will come back again, all the previous efforts were wasted.

   3. A moderate diet. Many girls think that drinking water can lose weight, so they drink a lot of water every day, even if they can’t drink anymore, they force themselves to drink more. Therefore, the editor reminds everyone that you only need to take in the necessary water every day, and you don’t need a lot of water. Drink water, otherwise it is easy to cause some conditions such as edema.

  4. Whenever you can’t stick to it, review the hardships you suffered during the weight loss period.

   5. Make yourself develop the habit of subconsciously maintaining exercise and regular diet.

   Conclusion: Losing weight is a long way to go. For those who learn acupoint massage to lose weight, we must pay attention to finding the acupoints and sticking to it for a long time, so as to show the effect of eating. Weight loss not only depends on massage acupoints, but also pay attention to the usual diet and exercise, so as to effectively lose weight healthily.

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