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Is the essential oil massage really effective for weight loss?

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Is the essential oil massage really effective for Weight loss?

Essential oil massage can help the human body to detox. Massage is a good way of health care. Different places and acupoints will have different effects, including detoxification. Of course, essential oil massage and detoxification should be used together with essential oils that can help detoxification. .

   massage can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism. Regular massage therapy according to the doctor's requirements can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, dredge the meridians, and has a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on some functional diseases. However, the specific efficacy of essential oil massage from lymphatic drainage has not been confirmed by clinical practice.

   In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, when the human body is strong and has strong resistance, it can resist the invasion of various "poisons" and naturally excrete the "poisons" from the body. Toxins in the human body are excreted by sweating, vomiting, and the following three ways, namely sweating, vomiting and urination. Traditional Chinese massage mostly delays the movement of muscles to exert force. I have never heard of massage of lymph. TCM massage techniques are divided into rubbing, moving and other types. There is no such thing as a detoxification technique. Traditional Chinese medicine promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis through massage, which can indeed have a laxative effect, but it has nothing to do with lymph. The modern medical theory also believes that under normal circumstances, toxins will not harm health, and normal people do not need to deliberately "detox".

The first method of    essential oil massage to detoxify is to caress the body. That is, use a slight sliding and soothing action to make the essential oil penetrate into the skin and relax the whole body. When using this method to massage, use the entire palm and relax both hands. The strength of the hands can be strong or gentle. After the massage, the body will relax, can increase blood circulation, relieve tension and stress.

   The second is kneading, which is similar to the technique of kneading dough. The thumb applies force and the movement should be slow and moderate. This technique can be used in areas with thick fat and on the back to relax muscles, promote blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby helping to excrete toxins from the body.

   Note: Essential oil massage is not a patent for women, it has no restrictions on gender. But not everyone applies. Oily skin or skin with acne should not be directly exposed to essential oils, and women should not use essential oils massage during their menstrual period, pregnancy or breastfeeding period. For people with certain diseases, you should consult a masseur or doctor before performing essential oil massage treatments. Even ordinary people should not perform essential oil massage too frequently, usually once every 15 to 20 days.

What are the essential oils that can detoxify

   Juniper Essential Oil

   When there are too many toxins and waste products in the human body, juniper essential oil becomes the most valuable essential oil. The detoxification effect of juniper essential oil is especially effective for intestinal blockage, constipation, and hemorrhoids. When eating excessive food or alcohol, you can use it to help eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. In addition, juniper essential oil has a very good diuretic effect, which can reduce cellulitis, edema and retained body fluids, and is very suitable for people who lose weight. The detoxification of juniper essential oil is not only reflected in the physical detoxification, but also in the psychological and spiritual detoxification. It is a very comprehensive detoxification essential oil. The best way to detoxify with juniper essential oil is to take a bath.

   Geranium essential oil

   When the body toxins accumulate to a certain level, it will show up on the face, such as continuous acne, pigmentation, uneven face and other skin problems. Geranium essential oil can stimulate the operation of the lymphatic system and accelerate the removal of toxins. Toxins not only accelerate the aging of the human body, but also hinder the absorption of skin care products. People who often walk around can often use geranium essential oil for skin care. Skin care cannot rely solely on whitening, skin detoxification is also the key to care. Massage, exercise and sweating are all good methods for detoxification. When massage with detox essential oils, focus on the lymphatic area from the chin to the neck, allowing the essential oils to penetrate deep to promote detoxification.

   Fennel Essential Oil

   Fennel essential oil is an excellent body purifying oil that can eliminate toxins accumulated in the body due to excessive eating and alcohol. Its diuretic effect can improve cellulitis. The effect of intestinal cleansing can improve constipation and flatulence. Fennel essential oil can even detoxify insect bites and snake bites. However, fennel essential oil is a powerful essential oil. Excessive use can also cause toxicity, so you must pay attention to the amount when using it.

  Tea tree oil

   Tea tree essential oil has the effect of purifying the skin and is the best skin treatment agent. It can also fight colds, antibacterial, strengthen immunity, refresh the mind, rejuvenate, and feel refreshed in autumn. Seasonal weather changes can easily make the body uncomfortable. Tea tree essential oil can just help us purify the body and maintain a healthy function.

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