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How many catties can you lose a month after massaging?

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How many catties can you lose weight in a month after massage?

   Massage to lose weight to lose a few catties a month

  The number of pounds that can be lost in a month through massage to lose weight is related to many factors, such as the skill of the masseur and the physical fitness of the person who loses weight. It is not possible to give a clear answer here. If you can meet a masseur with excellent technique and work with the diet formula prescribed by the doctor to lose weight carefully while massaging, the effect will be quite obvious in one month, so it can be seen here. The importance of massage techniques, so try to find a professional medical institution for massage to lose weight.

  The benefits of massage for Weight loss

   massage can also achieve anti-aging effects while losing weight. Usually, a professional masseur will arrange the monthly massage time and the number of massages according to the weight and target weight of the Weight loss person. According to the massage technique, it can promote blood circulation in the body, remove lipoedema, and at the same time Has the effect of beauty and beauty

   massage weight loss pay attention to the facts

It takes a long time to see the effect if you simply rely on massage to lose weight. You can combine diet control to promote the effect. Massage before meals can effectively control appetite, and press acupoints to suppress appetite, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. , Traditional Chinese medicine can regulate the functions of insulin and liver, spleen and kidney through acupoints in the human body. Long-term adherence to massage or acupoint massage of Chinese medicine is good for strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Healthy weight loss

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