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Suitable for middle school students to lose weight

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Suitable for middle school students to lose weight

  1, kick the shuttlecock to lose weight

Shuttlecock kicking is a healthy exercise for the whole body and mind. It has a good effect on improving the vital capacity of the human body, promoting blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and strengthening physical fitness. Regular kicking of shuttlecock can also enhance the resistance to colds and focus. Exercise people's alertness, enhance response ability, stimulate the cerebral cortex, and improve people's intelligence. It is very suitable for middle school students.

  2, skipping rope Weight loss method

   Rope skipping is a very effective aerobic exercise that can eliminate excess fat in the buttocks and thighs, promote blood circulation, eliminate edema, and fully exercise the breathing and cardiovascular system.

   Exercise time: The best time for human body activity is from 3 to 8 pm, no less than 30 minutes, and no more than 2 hours.

  3, aerobics

   aerobics can exercise all parts of the body, so that the body's fat can be fully burned, and the metabolism can be promoted. You can also do squats every day, morning, afternoon and evening, doing 200 exercises each time.

  4, walking to lose weight

  Walking is the simplest and most relaxing aerobic exercise. As long as you continue to walk for more than 30 minutes, it can help burn fat. The body must be straight and move forward in large strides quickly. Wear sports shoes for long-distance walking.

   5. Control your diet

Middle school students who want to lose weight also need to control their diet, eat less snacks, eat more fruits and vegetables, and have a balanced nutrition. Breakfast is just right, lunch is 80% full, and dinner is less, eat less supper, and it is best not to eat cream. , Sugar, fried food, fatty meat, pork skin, snacks, etc.

   Obesity prevention for middle school students

  The prevention of obesity for middle school students is mainly based on diet and exercise. Scientific diet and reasonable exercise depend on persistence. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of being healthy and slim.

   Middle school students cannot lose weight on a diet. Only a scientific and reasonable diet and appropriate exercise can have a healthy and slim body.

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